Onijaye Harps on Unity Of Yoruba Obas as he Confirms his Ancestry supremacy




The Onjaye of Ijaye in Egbaland Oba Otunbade Adeyemi has said that the unity being preached about by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi will surely bring development to Yorubaland,.
Oba Adeyemi who said this while speaking with newsmen in his Palace. Also said the crown of Onijaye has been in existence for decades
According to him, every well meaning Traditional rulers should support Ooni in his bid at uniting the traditional rulers in Yorubaland as nothing meanigful could be achieved in an atmosphere of rancour and disunity.
The foremost traditional ruler also reaffirmed to the public that he is the bonafide Onijaye of ijaye against the rumour by some people, who do not know the history of Ijaye people,
Narrating his historical lieage, Oba Adeyemi said after the demise of the Oba Mekaye – the onijaye of ijaye has two
sons – Obirinti and kukudi narrating that In 1832, when Oba mekaye was
reigning, kurunni was the 1st are Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land, as a
warrior who was fighting along Orile in Akinyele Local Government of Oyo
State in the axis of ijaye, in orileijaye.
” The present IjayeAlape in
Abeokuta are not descendant of Mekaye but kukunni the w arrior. In the
olden days, lands were acquire either by inheritance or by war. Kukunni
migrated from Ikoyi near ogbomoso, when kurunni was coming with his team
along the axis of OrileIjaye, they discovered that the food were abundant
in the village because Ijaye people were famers, on getting there they met
my great grandfather who happened to be the king Oba Mekaye the Onijaye of
Ijaye with the crown in 1832 in the present Akinyele Local Government of
Oyo State, the town is very close to Ibadan. When kurunni got to
onileijaye, he told the king that he was war lord, passing along the land
but he requested to be allowed to stay for some days in the town, the king
accommodated him and his team for a while, until kurunmi refused to go,when
he was asked to leave he wage war and dislodge the king (my great great
ground father, . My great grandfather was forcefully dislodged by Kurunmi
from his village at onileIjaye, when he was coming he came along with his
two sons kukudi and obinrinti, while they were coming, the king did not
leave his crown and his idol, before Kabiesi’s demise , he handed over the
crown to my great, great grandfather (Obirinti). When the kabiesileft
OrileIjaye for Abeokuta, kurunmi stayed at OnileIjaye for 33 Years – that
was how the present IjayeAlape got the name, the present Ijayealape in
Abeokuta South Local Government. The name came through the war by Kurunmi
their fore father in 1832…Kukuudi and obirinti along with their father
Mekayesettleled at present Ijaye land between Idi – Oparu, totoro and
Akinolugbade area of Abeokuta even Obasanjo’s house at okesokori is part of
Ijaye land, that is why the street is named after Ijaye(Ijaye Street).
Ijaye domain spread from soskori to Randa area where we have Ijayetitun
where the palace is located. Since 1832 when we left orile – Ijaye to
Abeokuta because of kurunmi, the crown of Onijaye of ijaye was kept in the
custody of obirinti my great, great, ground father. Kurunmi was at orile –
Ijaye for 33 years until Ibadan war. When he could not withstood the battle
he left the village with his team led by Dado to Abeokuta in 1865. , but
Dado his 2nd in command led the people to the present Ijaye land at Alape.
In 1865, the present IjayeAlape came, when they came to Abeokuta the town was
already filled up , the then Alake of Egbaland gave instruction that they
should be taken to the camp which is the present IjayeAlape it was
referred to as camp then, because it was outskirt of Abeokuta. By all
indication according to history available to me written severe years
ago. Kurunmi
migrated from Ikoyi near Ogbomoso and not from OrileIjaye. We are the
original Ijaye(Obirinti and Kukudi, the decendand of Mekaye)The Onijaye of
When Kukudi and Obirinti came, they landed under EgbaGbagura, headed by
Agura of gbagura in 1832, while they came in 1865 and landed under Egba –
Ake, however the Alake is still there Paramount ruler of Egba land. When
there was need for my descendant of Oba Mekaye, the then Onijaye of Ijaye
to demand for the king to be crown, there was a lot of consultation, although
I came from obirinti family but eventually, I was chosen from Obirinti and
Kukudi family, because my family is in possession of the crown. In actual
facf the crown itsself demanded to be brought out of hidden. The family
wrote to the state government demanded for a king in Ijaye. . The reply
came with specific instructions that whosoever is in possession of Onijaye
crown shall be given the staff of office. On getting the positive response
from government, the family called the community to sentisize them of the
need to have a king. The community wrote to ask for the candidate, I was
presented to the community as the 1stOnijaye of Ijaye, the community now
wrote a letter of acceptance, the community now wrote the Agura of Gbagura.
The two families Obirinti and Kukudi raised my hand up as the candidate,
before I was finally installed as the 1stOnijaye of Ijaye 2013. After
perpetrating were as the king effect of my family Agura of Gbagura, I was
recommended to the Alake of egba land but the agura of Gbagurabefor the
final installation with staff of office from the state government. By 26th
May 2011 crowned by Agura officially while the Alake confused the
installation on the 28th May 2011 – I am the bonafideOnijaye of Ijaye His
Highness OtunbaOtunbadeAdeyemi

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