Recession: Traditional Ruler Calls For Concentration on Tourism as Panacea for Economic Recovery




A foremost tourist and former Ogun State Director of Culture and Tourism, Oba Adedayo Adekoya has called on government to as a matter of urgency refocus its energy on the revitalisation of various tourists attractions in the country so as to take the country out of the current economic challenges.

Oba Adekoya who is also the Legusen of Ode Remo in Remo North Local government area of the State said the nation can generate billions of foreign exchange from the tourism sector if the government and other stakeholders are really ready to repackage the sector.
He said this during the annual Ero Day festival and the installation of some Chiefs held in the town recently.
The traditional ruler said opportunities abound in the sector, but the country has to change its mindset and refocus its attention to tourism as it is one of the ways to earn foreign exchange to the country.
While speaking on the perception of some Christians and Muslim leaders to the traditional religion, Oba Adekoya said the Traditional religion is one of the early religion that man used in communicating with their creator.
He said the religion is currently undergoing various reforms so as to regain its position as one of the acceptable ways of worship in the world.
Oba Adekoya opined that the traditional religion believers will soon have their own holy book which will serve the same purpose like that of Holy Quoran and the Bible.
He said plans have reached advance stage to unveil the Holy Book for all traditional religion to use during their worship periods.
Oba Adekoya said the traditional religion which is one of the oldest religion in the World is one of the purest religion which worship same God with other religions like Christainiy and Islam.
His words, ” While the Christians call their only Deity, God, Muslims, Allah, we traditional Worshippers call Him Eledumare”.
He called on the State and the Federal governments to as a matter of fair play and justice set aside a day a for traditional worshippers to worship their gods.
“What Osun State government did when it declared a day as a Public holiday to mark this year Isese day is highly commendable, the Federal and Ogun State governments should also give us a day annually as a work free day to celebrate our ancestors”.
“There are so many things that could be gained if government gives necessary recognition to traditional religion as it will enhance tourism and promote the divination and theory of Ifa Orunmila; which is the real word of almighty Olodumare”.

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