Former President Olusegun Obasanjo finally resolved differences with former Ogun State Governor,Otunba Gbenga Daniel, reconciliation described as in the spirit of 80th birthday of the past leader.
Daniel had been at loggerhead with Obasanjo over ten years, for political differences, alleged to have been caused by political sycophants and rumour mongers.
The former Governor was said to have been rude to the former president, a development which made Obasanjo to severe relationship with him.
However, the permanent reconciliation occurred following a visit of Daniel to hilltop home of Obasanjo in Abeokuta at on Thursday night, and was warmly welcomed by the former President.
The duo also had dinner together alongside other guests at the home of Obasanjo, and later engaged in ribcracking jokes, to put the differences behind them.
Obasanjo who was in high spirit throughout Daniel’s stay of three hours, also assigned him role on his 80th birthday,stressing that he hold no grudges with him. He emphasised that if he was still annoyed with Daniel, he would not have allowed him in his house.
‘If I still hold any grudges against you, I won’t have allow you to come into my house. But all those are past things,and am convinced that you have learnt your lesson’,Obasanjo told Daniel.
Similarly, Daniel expressed appreciation to Obasanjo for having change of heart, pointing out that he didn’t meant any harm against him and that he has always held him in very high esteem as the father of the nation and father of all.
He said he was comfortable to have return into fatherly arm of Obasanjo, with assurance that he remain his son come rain come rain come shine.




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