Oba Akiolu is just playing on semantics. After the fire incident




Oba Adedayo Legusi of Ode ule in Remo North Local Government Ogun State have expressed it position on a story tagged lagos did not belong to yoruba by Oba Akiolu the monarch said it is not the right time to respond to the short term history, he is quoting. I comiserate with Eko people. A njekuru ko tan, a o tun gbodo maa gbon owo e sawo. Edo or Ado or whatever name the man was who led the expedition to dede d the false allegations by the initial people who were used to staking their Opa in the lagoon upon which they built their houses, Edo found a welcoming and warm reception in my own people, the USEN people who they met ground. Odu Ifa Okanransode already predicted their coming to my ancestors and so, like some other latter settlers, they were well treated and accommodated. The Igaran garden Oba Akiolu spoke off belonged to our ancestors, the LEGUSEN. That was in fact one of the factors which attracted the Europeans to us. The hot spice they were going round the continent to look for had an alternative in the Onigambo we grew here for herbal purpose to combat the scorge of guinea worm. Oduduwa was 8/9th century ACE. My ancestors showed Owa Obokun of “Ije-Orisa” (Ijesa) stationed at “Ule-Orisa” or “Ile’risa”, now called Ilesha, the spot where Okun (Atlantic Ocean) met with Osa (Lagoon). Owa Obokun collected the mixed waters and the Ewe Erilu plus the recipe for treat!ent of Oduduwa’s eyes. We, as Iwinpegba people collected the recipe from the ancient Akalamagbo. So, our oriki include among several others, “Omo gbonkun-l’osa, omo akalamagbo to boba s’ure, ugba eve onokan, omo olpgho koyinbp tode….”
Was Eleko’s ancestors in Lagos before the 8/9th century ACE? Was Ogisco in Benin by 750 BCE? Why did Olubini have to see his “Mother” at “USEN-LU” and never see her again after crowning? What is the meaning of the word “USEN” to the Oba of Benin?
As Alayeluwa Oba Akiolu said, we are all the same Ugbo people of different Usen Clans with common basic languages and cultural attributes that had varied over time. Edo people were accommodated on Usen land, prospered and their leader got recognized. They are originally not indigenous to that place. As a matter of fact they initially formed a clan of Usen people that Ogisco met and organized rulership over. The problems we tend to encounter now is that our historians are very intellectually weak and unassertive of our indigenous peoples history. They base their research on satisfying European perspective. There were different periods with each ruler emphasizing his or herself. Who would think the whole of Africa was called Ethiopia before? And this was based of the River Niger’s delta being called Ethiope River!?
If by semantics, Eleko is claiming that because the the original word Yoruba was meant to describe the Oyo c!an of Usen people, that can not even stand the simple test of logic. Oranmiyan was the father of any Oba of Benin now. How can you refuse to bear your father’s name. Anyway, The Island of Lagos had owner occupiers before the reputed Edo warrior came. They were not Edo people

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