The new executive governor of Ondo State is under serious confusion over the nomination of Prince Solagbde Amodeni for political appointment is like saying the obvious.
Impeccable sources within the government quarters and information scooped from the hierarchy of the All Progressive Congress [APC] confirmed that Akeredolu is under very intense pressure from some influential leaders to drop Amodeni because of his “questionable characters and inglorious past”.
The government source also revealed the issue of Amodeni and some other affected APC Leaders who are battling to redeemed their badly battered images has been the major reason why Gov.Akeredolu has been foot dragging about presenting his draft cabinet list to the State Assembly.
“The governor knows that the level of campaign mounted by the anti-Amodeni factions within the party and with the documentary evidences already in circulation that it may be very difficult for him to scale through the screening”.
We learnt that pressures has seriously being mounted on Akeredolu the Gov-Elect then by some influential leaders warning him not to risk appointing politicians of Amodeni’s caliber into his cabinet or any political office.
Since the very day that the Serious Pressure is being mounted on Gov.Akeredolu from the different quarters of the top ranking progressive class across the country that all the notorious APC Leaders including Prince Solagbade Amodeni must be dropped from the cabinet list.
Impeccable sources within the government circles dropped the hint to a section of Nigerian Journalists that there has been serious persuasions, lobbying and counter moves by Pro and Anti-Amodenis cliques which has been the major setback and reasons for the delay in forming the executive cabinet members.
The source also said that ”It is not the best of time for Gov. Akeredolu, the executive governor of Ondo State whose young administration has continues to face serious pressure mounted from different quarters by different progressive leaders warning him that “Blemished Politicians” with questionable characters must not be appointed.
But the politician whose political brand has received the most negative attention is Amodeni whose Kinsmen from Akoko South East Local Government [AKSELG]has also joined their voices with others warning Akeredolu that Amodeni must not be appointed in to any political office.
And apart from the different Civil Rights Organisations [CRO],Religious Movements,Youth and Women Societies, and Community Associations that had mounted heavy pressure on the governor not to nominate Amodeni.
This outcry and opposition reached its peak with the recent warning of the Amodeni’s Kinsmen contained in an official Letter addressed to Gov.Akeredolu by a very articulate political group known as Vanguard For Good Governance[VGG] warning him to “Watch His Sides”
The Coordinator of the VGG, Comrade Femi Koseunti who signed the letter referred Akeredolu to the past antecedents and the notorious political activities of Amodeni in the state.
VGG advised Akeredolu by recommending that “that you read a lettered attached with their petition purportedly written and dated 14th November,2002 by Amodeni, an Akoko Politician against his tribes man,the then Governor of Ondo State,Chief Adebayo Adefarati”
The VGG assured Akeredolu that reading of the Amodeni Letter to Adefarati will to an extent attest to the nature and characteristic of Amodeni as an egoistic, overbearing, selfish, rude and desperate personae who can fan ember of disunity within the cabinet if appointed.
They concluded by warning Akeredolu not to appoint Amodeni to any political office as the only lasting solution to control the excess of Amodeni debilitating prowess.
“Sir,your excellency,for these same history not to repeat itself because Amodeni’s trade in stock is to crate disunity which has been his recurrent decimal in his life as betrayed both his mentor and benefactor, Adefarati and also betrayed Gov.Olusegun Mimiko his age long friend”.
However, since the inception of the Akeredolu’s administration in Ondo State no other leader or politician has gotten their political brand rubbished than Amodeni’.
As the government is advancing in age so also are the more damning facts of negativities being exhume about the inglorious past of Amodeni whose image has so much smeared that many leaders are losing faith in his person and competence.

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