Senate Not Working Against President Buhari – Saraki




SENATE President, Dr Bukola Saraki, said, yesterday, that his relationship with President Muhammadu Buhari remained cordial, despite what he described as false claims in some quarters.

He also promised that the Gender Bill currently before the National Assembly would be fair to all religious groups and sentiments. Speaking, yesterday, in Abuja when the National Executive of the Islamic group, Jamaatu Izalatul Bidiah Wa Ikamatus Sunnali, JIBWS, led by its President, Sheikh Mohammed Sani Yahaya Jingiri, visited him, Saraki debunked allegations that he and the Senate were working against President Buhari.


He said: “I want to assure you of the good cooperation between the legislative arm and executive, led by President Muhammudu Buhari. “Since the commencement of this Senate, I think we had about 196 requests from President Buhari for confirmation of his nominees and we have confirmed 185. I think, we have only rejected 11. By Mathematics, that is over 90 per cent. “I want to assure you there is a lot of noise you will see on the newspaper, radio and social media, please be assured that the two arms of government are working closely together, more than in past sessions of the Senate.

“In January, I went to see and assured him of our cooperation and we’ve continued to work closely. I want to assure you as we always say, let us be judged by our actions and not by talk. “A lot of people talk, but do something else when you are not around and loyalty can be best measured by what people do when you are not around.

“I want to appeal to you now that you are here to convey the same message to your followers, who because of social media and the fake news they hear over radio get the wrong impression that we in the Senate, the Senate President and the senators are working against the President.

I assure you that we have a very cordial relationship with the executive.” Nigeria not ripe for Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket Meanwhile, ahead of 2019 Presidential election, leader of the Islamic group, Sheikh Jingirr, noted that the country was “not yet ripe for a Muslim-Muslim Presidential ticket. Nigeria was not ripe for such an arrangement which did not take into consideration the need for religious balance in the country.”

According to him, all religious interest must be represented at all times. The Islamic cleric also commended the National Assembly for rejecting same sex marriages and capital punishment, describing them as unIslamic. He commended the Senate President on his role in the arrangement that led to the rejection of the Muslim-Muslim Presidential ticket for the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2015 presidential elections.

He also urged the Senate President to ensure that the current Gender Bill reflected the tenets of all religions. Sheik Jingiri called on the Senate President to ensure equality of representations in political appointments in line with the population of states, while at the same time ensuring that a cordial relationship exists between all arms of government for the benefit of the people. The leader of JIBWS prayed for the quick recovery of President Buhari who is currently on medical vacation in London.


Source: ogtv

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