Decoding Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy




Washington, DC – In the opening foreign policy acts of Donald Trump’s presidency, he is defining American interests much more narrowly than past US leaders and is championing economic nationalism over international cooperation, drawing sharp and mocking criticisms both at home and abroad.

Following a blundering first trip overseas trip, Trump announced a unilateral decision to withdraw from the US-sponsored Paris climate accord. He criticised the mayor of London on Twitter following the attack over the weekend, and in the US renewed his call for a controversial ban on travel to the United States from six Muslim countries.

“We have never really seen from a Republican leader in the modern era anybody as completely isolationist and anti-cooperation as Donald Trump,” said David Victor, professor of international relations at the University of California, San Diego.

“There is no question that the Trump presidency is going to accelerate the American exit from its international leadership, institution-building role. That is a more dangerous world where it’s harder for any individual country to muster the incentives to go off and build effective international institutions. It’s a world that is going to be a whole lot less cooperative,” Victor told Al Jazeera.


Source: ogtv

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