Qatar FM: Question Mark Over Future Of GCC After Crisis




Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani spoke to Al Jazeera after several Gulf Cooperation Council member states and other nations severed diplomatic ties. Here are Sheikh Mohammed’s responses:

Al Jazeera: What are the reasons for this crisis?

Sheikh Mohammed: We expressed our regrets and surprise over the escalations against Qatar. We don’t know if there were real reasons behind this crisis or hidden ones that we don’t know about.

If there were real reasons for this crises, it could have been discussed at the GCC meeting that took place a few weeks ago, but nothing has been said or discussed at all. Also nothing was said during the American-Islamic-Arab summit in Riyadh. So there was nothing said at these events and we had no indication that the crisis was about to erupt.

So this shows that the [Saudi and UAE funded media] media fabricated news against Qatar and made up lies about it. This media campaign took place only after the hacking incident. The massive media campaign against Qatar that insulted Qatar and its leaders was unprecedented by GCC standards. We in Qatar did not slide down into this road. We dealt with it with patience and wisdom.


Source: ogtv

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