An aspirant for a seat in the Ogun State House of Assembly, from Ewekoro Local Government, Sanusi Idowu Dauda has been disenfranchised and frustrated out of the race by insecurity, harrassment and intimidation, which marred the primaries elections that took place on Sunday at Elere / Onigbedu ward.

It was gathered that some unidentified hoodlums, allegedly sponsored by one other aspirant to distrupt the exercise stormed St simeon Anglican Primary School, Elere Adubi in Ewekoro Local Government, the venue of the election with dangerous weapons, having seen that he was likely going to win, began to threaten that if he won the election, innocent people would pay dearly with their lives.

According to eye witnesses, having observed the state of things on the field Sanusi notified the police but they seemed helpless as a result Sanusi supporters and voters fled the field particularly when the dear devil political thugs began a brazen show of shame and force. Many of the villagers, according to an impeccable source are still nursing various degrees of wounds sustained during the mayhem unleashed upon them by same thugs just 5-days ago during the governorship primaries

A statement issued by Sanusi immediately after the exercise read in part:

”This is to inform all my fans and supporters that no-election was held at my ward today due to the need to save the lives of innocent change-loving Nigerians as well as avoid blood-letting and utter brutality of our people.

It is highly worrisome that over one hundred armed thugs with deadly weapons and with flagrant show of force was used to flay voters”

The House of Assembly seat from Ewekoro is being contested by many aspirants including Sanusi Idowu Dauda; the incumbent, Isreal Jolaoso; a one time chairman of Ewekoro Local government, Dele Soluade and the son of Governor Ibikunle Amosun’s elder brother, Amosun Yusuf Olawale who was regarded as the main rival to Sanusi in the ward.

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