Pageantry as financial expert celebrates Diamond Jubilee


A financial expert and renown educationists has been urged to continue his good deeds.
Pastor Daniel Adeniyi of Halleluyah Christian Chapel made this known at the 60th birthday service of Brother Olalekan Soyode held at Abeokuta club.
Pastor Adeniyi opined that birthday is a time to reflect and take stock of one’s life on how well or otherwise one has lived and how to correct past mistakes, if any.
The cleric reminded all Christians of the need to be prepared so that they can make heaven saying that the countdown to the second coming of Christ has started He said, it is high time some people review their way of life by asking themselves “how old they are in wrongdoings”?

Quoting from the Holy Scripture, Adeniyi admonished all in attendance, celebrant inclusive to henceforth be mindful of their lifestyle as the days are becoming more critical.

He furthered that being watchful is necessary in order to be among the few that will have their portion with the Lord.

As part of the celebration, Brother Olalekan Soyode unveiled two of his five books titled “Prosperity with Eternity in focus” and “Who do you say I am”?

The highlight of the event came when the reviewer of each book announced that the publication will be given free.

When fielding questions from journalists, Brother Soyode disclosed that it was during the reviewing of the book that God told him to distribute it free for all in attendance.

He thanked friends, colleagues, neighbors, cooperative members, relative and his immediate family members for their unalloyed support before and during the memorable occasion.

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