NANS SET FOR A SHOW DOWN WITH GOV. AMOSUN …vow to campaign against his anoited candidates




It is a shame to see Governor Amosun galvanizing in error the support of the people of Ogun state having failed them woefully with his selfish administration which has never listened to the yearnings and aspiration of the same people in whose trust he holds power.

This was disclosed in a Press release by National Association of Nigerian Students NAN signed by Adeyemi Azeez Amoo, the Public Relation Officer of the body.

In the release he said Governor Amosun has brought shame and dishonour to the people of ogun state because according to him no units of the state is enjoying the expected dividends of democracy from oke mosan.

Amoo stated he publicly brought shame to himself through his fight against our parents and education -the bedrock of every society.

The student activist said, “government led by Senator Ibikunle Amosun is nothing but a mirage. He is an error to human race and a disgrace to democracy”, he stressed

According to this student activist, “Education has suffered the worst in the face of this tyrannical government, parents are crying. Gov Amosun denied our parents their basic rights to life , approximate 24 months deductions is still in the confine of his personal pocket for the enrichment of his family, yet he has the shameless effrontery to romance the people of the state to support his anointed son”, he explained.

Amoo lamented it was a total regret having Amosun as a governor of Ogun state. “The gratuity of the retired workers has been put into a treasury for a reason that only the Governor can explain. Your actions have rendered many parents homeless with unrealistic, selfish and miss appropriated project”, they lamented.

Nigerian students are not just going to vote against your interests, we shall also open your file to the whole world. The governor needs to explain what happened to the state IGR of N42.52billion which is more than the 5 South Eastern States combined put at N35.8billion.

These states that have less IGR than Ogun state are neither owing nor are they not paying civil servants deductions. The governor of Ogun state has also successfully chased away investors, leaving our parents and graduates to become unemployed.

He said it is shameful that Senator ibikunle Amosun has also mortgaged the future of the gateway state as the debt burden ratio kept increasing, saying it was shocking that, despite the tax payers’ money, senator Ibikunle Amosun is leading debtor governors roll call, that is giving the reason why he can’t pay the proposed #30,000 by NLC.

The NANS Spokesmen described Senator Ibikunle Amosun as the only tyrant governor that deemed it fit to sack the NLC chairman in the entire states of the federation. He therefore charged NLC, that it is a fight to finish with the governor and there was no going back.

He enjoined NLC National Executive Council move her national Secretariat to Ogun state to fight Governor Amosun while calling on EFCC to investigate every state project embarked on by senator ibikunle Amosun because by his evaluation, “every process of approval is questionable”

He said, “it is obvious Amosun is running a government of nepotism, in his choice of capital projects and where they are situated. He has become a threat to voices as his paid errand “thieves” are looking for all ways to patch its excesses.

Amoo revealed NANS was ready to fight back, come January, promising to join NLC to raise our voices against Governor Amosun and his anointed candidate.

“Enough is enough, he has failed our generation and we cannot allow him to mortgage our own future.
It is not a threat , our resolution is we shall resume a house to house campaign against every choice of Amosun.

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