Nigerians have been advised to pray fervently for the Nigerian Nation State in order to avert bloodshed and also for the soul of the nation over the 2019 general elections.

This warning was given by Bishop (Dr.) Olufemi Otusanya (popularly known as Omomajemu), the General Overseers of The True Covenant Church of God (TCCG), Ikorodu, Lagos during a special interaction with our reporter recently.

Bishop Otusanya stated that the 2019 general elections would be a factor in the future of the country, adding that if the people got it wrong, it might derail the ongoing developmental initiatives in the country.

Bishop Otusanya who is the youngest Bishop in Nigeria said that the country needed prayers because some retrogressive elements who had nothing to offer were bent on taking over power and ready to do anything possible to get it.

The Bishop who saw a vision that President Muhammadu Buhari would win the 2015 elections long before it was held and also made it public, charged Nigerians to turn to God in order for the country to have a hitch-free election as the destructive elements were ready to stop at nothing trying to realise their desires.

He warned electorate to cast their votes and return to their respective homes as disaster could brew up over voting procedures because, according to him the bad elements who are eager to win at all cost would trigger disagreement that could degenerate into mayhem.

Bishop Otusanya said as the youngest Bishop in Nigeria he challenged the more to work for the vineyard. He stated his elevation is a pointer to the veracity that God could use or elevate anyone, irrespective of age. He promised to be a shining example to the youth throughout the world in general and the Nigerian nation in particular who a school of thought said were not getting a fair share of things.

He opined that for the youth to get what is due to them is not by engaging in political thuggery, cultism or any other form of social vices which is inimical to social order or would not position them for leadership responsibility they clamour for.

The General Overseer of The True Covenant Church of God disclosed that Bishop Olufemi Otusanya Monument (BOOM) was established to work with the youth throughout the length and breadth of the country, address their needs with the view to proffering solutions to them.

Bishop said emphatically that his vision was not motivated by association or affiliation with any political party but purely spiritual revelation given to him by Almighty God who he serve conscientiously.

He revealed after he had been elevated to the class of Bishop God commanded him to preach in the market places and he had to carry out that commandment. “God instructed me to preach at the market places even after I had been elevated as Bishop and I had to do. He has asked me to win more souls by so doing and I’m ready to do more of that, I see myself as a pencil in the hand of God”, he stressed.

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