Capo Abiodun



Capo Abiodun
APC governor-Elect, Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun has revealed that his government will continue the implementation of the ongoing projects of Amosun, that have a clear line of sight to the development of Ogun State and benefits to the people.
his adminstration Will provide good and focused governance and creates an enabling environment for suitable economic development of Ogun State”.

Speaking further at the occasion of the inauguration of the 235 + 22 economic transition committee and work groups at TCC Resort, Ogere Remo, he said, “You are being called upon to elaborate on the campaign manifesto, identify and distil the pressing needs of the state and our people.”

He accepted that funding will be a major constraint, “hence our recognition of public private partnership as a veritable tool for funding”.

He requested the transition committee and work group to come up with recommendations on monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

He disclosed that he has directed that a database be developed and continually updated on the abundant human resources of Ogun State extraction across the globe for his administration to tap into from time to time.

He accepted that “People have become cynical of govt. and the political class in general, adding that incoming govt. is determined to make a difference and provide leadership that earns the confidence of the people, a govt. that has character and can be trusted




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