Ogun state Governor- elect, Prince Dapo Abiodun has been warned to learn from the mistakes of Senator Ibikunle Amosun if he wanted to succeed in his administration of the state.

This warning was given by Reverend M. A. Oluwarohunbi, Bishop of Yewaland at the Pre- Inauguration Church Service held at All Saints Anglican Church, Ilaro Yewa, Ogun State.

He urged the Governor-elect to study the administrations of three of his predeccesors in office and look at their success stories as well as their failures and try as much as possible to avoid their failures.

Reverend Oluwarohunbi stated, “Prince Dapo Abiodun, you are lucky to have three of your predeccesors around, study their administrations, identify their mistakes, avoid their failures. With this you will not fail”.

He also warned him to be weary of many who presented themselves as friends, associates or families who might not mean well for him but only scheming for what they would gain from him.

He charged him to hold on to God and make Him the fortress and shield of his administration, saying by so doing he would never make any mistakes as God would guard and guide him in the course running the state.

In his message at the church, the Governor-elect, Abiodun declared that the day was not his own celebration but that of God who put him and his deputy in the positions they are today. “Like I have always said , if it were for man, we would not have been the Governor-elect and Deputy Governor-elect today”.

He stressed, ” I will always serve God. I have convenanted to always serve God wherever I am both here in Ogun State and anywhere in the world. He is God and forever He remains as God. Man cannot be God. If men were God I would not have been here”.

Prince Abiodun promised to run a government he described as people-centric administration that would involve all and sundry, a government where people would be able to make their own contributions to almost all aspects of the day to day running of the administration.

Prince Abiodun stated that himself and his deputy. Engr. Noimot Salako Oyedele had gone round the nooks and crannies of the state and are familiar with the yearnings of the people as well as the needs of the areas which they would address once their governor took over

He also promised his administration would not carry out any infrastructural facilities in any part of the state without the involvement of the people of the area because according to him they live in the area, they know the chief of thier needs.

According to him, “wherever our administration need to do anything in any part of the state, we would meet the people, ask them whatever their priorities are in the community, whatever they choose will be what our administration will do for them”.

He revealed his administration would revive the state outfit that used to be known as OGROMA, put it under public works and tasked it with the repairs and reactivation of roads.

The Governor-elect stated that the priority of his administration was to work assiduous to develop all parts of the state and leave hem better than they met them.

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