Film producer slams Nollywood entertainers who beg for money when sick




Film producer Mildred Okwo has shattered the table of most Nollywood stars – In a post shared on Twitter, she mocked stars who take to begging fans for money when they fall ill. Okwo stated that some have over 100 movies to their name but haven’t saved up to a million in all their years of fame It is not news that some Nollywood stars result to begging fans for money when they fall critically ill. These stars, after being famous for many years, depend on the generosity of their fans when a sickness comes knocking.
Most of the stars have hospital bills running into millions and seek donations from family, friends and fans to survive. While most people are willing to help, some still question what all their years of fame has gotten them, if they can’t settle their bills While her comment seemed harsh to some people, it made sense to those who understand that one should have something to show for working tirelessly in a line of work for so many years. Source

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