Arlington’s FC Remarkable Rise: The Story Of the First Nigerian Owned Soccer Club in Texas On The Verge Of Glory




The American soccer league used to be backwater of world soccer. It is usually referred to as the retirement league or pensioners league but the narrative has completely changed now. The Major League Soccer league popularly known as MLS is now in the spotlight with some of the finest footballers from all over plying their trade for top American club sides. The big news now is the remarkable rise of a Nigerian owned football club turning heads in the US. Known as Arlington FC Texas based in Arlington Dallas is on the verge of elite football in America. Bankrolled by the duo of Nigerian businessmen in person of Seyi Sowunmi and Ebenezer Fowobaje is positioned for greatness in the MLS. Under the coaching crew of Coaches Eric Daughty and Deen, Arlington FC Texas has grown in leaps and bounds, the darling Texas-based team brushed aside all opposition in the lower division 2 to the more competitive Division 1(UPSL). That feat has now guarantee the team a place in the qualifying rounds for the Lamar Hunt US Open cup through their affiliation and membership of the UPSL, US Soccer federation (USSF) and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA). Interestingly, the 2018 founded club has within a short period has become a huge platform for hundreds of football talents in Nigeria seeking a bigger platform to fulfill their football dreams.

Arlington FC Texas will soon be Eldorado and club’s plans for the future is surely on the right track. To bring to speedy actualization the club’s exciting plans for expansion and promotion all hands must be on deck. And that’s why the promoters of Arlington FC Texas solicit for support particularly from Nigerians in diaspora to join forces with Arlington FC Texas to achieve the dream of an MSL status in the US topmost football league.

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