My message to millennia generation on gender discrimination – Erelu Fayemi




The First Lady of the Ekiti State, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, has cautioned
the millennia generation against believing that the boy – child is
superior to a girl – child.
According to Mrs Fayemi, both sexes are valuable and should be
accorded equal rights and opportunities.
The wife of the Governor who gave the admonition during the Above
Whisper’s conversation with Tosin Durodola on Tuesday in Ado Ekiti,
said that both sexes could bring glory to the family.
She noted that parents have the erroneous belief that a boy child is
superior to girl, saying that, a girl grows up with this belief
feeling they are less important and needed the approval from the boys
in whatever they do and ended up with lack of self-confidence.
“Parents of this generation believe that boys are important than
girls. This is why more opportunities are given to boys; nothing has
changed even now she said”.
“But my message is that, whatever opportunity you are giving to the
boy – child, provide it for the girl- child as well, because you don’t
know who will make you proud in future “.
Erelu Fayemi said that there are many examples of families where the
male children have let their parents down. So, all children are
valuable whether males or females.

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