Ekiti Chief VIO urges drivers, cyclists to comply with highway codes




Drivers and motorcyclists have been charged to always read the Highway
Code and comply with them accordingly to prevent incessant road
The Chief Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) in Ekiti, Mr. Ayegbusi
Matthew gave the charge while addressing journalists in Ado.

Mr. Ayegbusi who decried preventable accidents on high ways ascribed
the causes to bad state of vehicles, fear of arrest on the part of the
drivers for lack of necessary vehicle documents and flagrant
disobedience to the Highway Code.

He advised motorists to be conversant with the Highway Code and make
it their companion as it contains necessary information that would
help them drive safely within and outside the State.

The Chief Vehicle Inspector implored road users to check the general
condition of their vehicles and ensure it is in good order before
embarking on journeys, noting that putting un-roadworthy vehicles on
the road can lead to destruction of lives and properties.

Meanwhile, Vehicle Inspection Office was initially handled by the
Police when it was put in place during the colonial administration in
1949. Regional government later took up the challenge and employed
professional engineers to ensure safety on highways in 1960.
The office has since been placed under the Ministry of Works and
Transportation with the responsibilities of ensuring sanity on roads,
inspection of vehicles for the issuance of road worthy certificate,
daily patrol on highways, inspection of accident vehicles to determine
the causes of the accident if informed in the office and generation of
fund into the government account.

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