President of the Nigerian Nation, Muhammadu Buhari has been described by Segun Sowunmi as one hitherto respected and Revered Nigerian leaders whose profile, before now towering many of his peers’ either in the Military and amongst people who had ruled the country in the past.

He was believed to be a man of his word, thorough, impartial, righteous, sincere, purposeful and genuinely committed to building an egalitarian society where all Nigerians would feel and have equally sense of ownership and stakes.

Sowunmi believes that Muhammadu Buhari, becoming the the President of Nigeria under the umbrella of the ruling All Progressives Congress has rubbished all that robust profile and even demystified him.

Sowunmi whose father was in the army, said as a young boy growing up in the Military environment, like other Military boys, Officers and men, he had high evaluation of Buhari, especially with what he was able to achieve with War Against Indiscipline (WAI) in 1983-85 when he was Head of State.

“Buhari, bearing this toga until the Presidential campaign in the colour of APC was readily seeing as a perfect candidate to rule the country. This believed impeccability of his character and ability indubitably worked for him, and of course, his party”.

According to Sowunmi while fielding questions from Journalists in his country home Abeokuta said many Nigerians opined the Messiah, thought needed in Nigeria has finally come.

Segun Sowunmi said disappointingly, today he looked at Buhari and his administration and he wept over his cluelessness. ” Honestly I look at the administration of the ruling party under Buhari vis-a-vis the deplorable situation in the country and my heart bleeds. I weep for him.

The People’s Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar Spokesman said he could believe has not been able to come to terms with the reality that this is same Buhari who, with Idiagbon ruled with their authority having a grips on all Nigerians, and directives sending shivers to the spines of those caught indisciplined in all nooks and crannies of the country.

Sowunmi lamented, “what have they done to my Buhari that even before his eyes the police are collecting bride, Immigration officers make our borders so porous and loose, our solder cannot subdue let alone wipe our boko haram. Oh! Buhari is bereft of ideas who will now help my hitherto beloved Buhari now”.

He said President Buhari is so confused that he didn’t even know what his Chiefs of the Armed forces were doing, adding under his nose, his close associates are stealing with reckless abundone; members of his party are involved in mass fraud and embezzlement; his appointees go about as if they don’t know the urgency involved in their assignments; his Service Chiefs have overstayed and bereft of ideas.

“President Buhari seems to have been saddled with responsibilities beyond his capability. He was loved by pan Nigerian but Nigerian have discovered Buhari does not love. To make things worse for him, his Governors in the South West have elvoved a regional security force. The South West Governors are also think along that line, that means under him, Nigeria is disintegrating.

They have now see him as nepotistic and clannish unlike Buhari of old who was with deep orientation and genuine drive towards a better Nigeria. Unfortunately those around him are not helping matters”

Sowunmi said his supposedly spokemen, instead being persuasive, they talked unguardedly. “The worst of them all is the Minister of Information, Lai Muhammed who is most times not available and whenever he comes, he talks like a drunken sailor who just got into a moment of soberness. Others behave as if they want to put their fingers in people’s noses.

They forget to realize that whatever they do is at the expense of the President, a man who came to power with a huge reputation. How I wish they realized the huge damage they are doing to the reputation of this man. His media handler have increased his enemies from a small fraction to a multitude.

According to him,”no part of the country score his government high anymore. Infact, no one take him serious any more. Nobody calls him pan Nigerian anymore. Nobody see him as a serious general any longer. To further seal his reputation coffin, Transparent International just rated him low.

“Honestly I wish President Muhammadu Buhari had not contested or become the President of Nigeria. He was being regarded the best president Nigeria never had and celebrated like our sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. As it is, I fear for his legacies. Post Presidency the profile of Buhari may not be impressive. I agonize everyday and I wonder how his reputation dropped this low”

The APC criticised PDP saying there was no reason for the country to borrow for capital projects, they are now in power and have been borrowing. “They borrowed, borrowed borrowed, they have borrowed from the Chinese, so much that the Chinese own halve of Nigerians, except those of us in PDP. They borrow, borrow and they have now started borrowing people’s pension”, he stressed.

On the issue of Imo State, Ihediora going to court he said it was the best way to ventilate their anger or exercise their franchise, adding that It is the way to go on the grounds that the business of choosing who lead them resides with people and that is important in this case.

Sowunmi said was Ihediora has done had a precedent in the case Chukwudife who one questioned the judgment of the Supreme Court when he said, “the Supreme Court was final not because it is infallible but because people can approach the court for the interpretation of its judgements.

He said by Ihediora going back to the Supreme Court would enthrone a culture that people could be dissatisfied with their judgements and ask for a review; that they shouldn’t sit at the Supreme Court and do whatever they like.

Sowunmi who described the court as an instrument created to give vent to the wishes of the society and regulate the coexistence of human said it should not reduce itself to a level where people would feel their judgements did not carry logic, advising being court of finality, they should adjucate well.

He described democracy as a continuous work in progress, saying as the process unfolded there would be reasons to ask some questions. He stated before 1999 Nigeria was not in democracy and when democracy berthed, it was one party that was ruling, hence there was no reason to deepen its jurisprudence on matters around elections activities.

The former Assembly man said attention was never placed on contestation among alternative parties, opinions, ideas until 2019 when PDP and APC have become level as pan Nigerian parties, almost equally matched. “You will recall, in 2015 then President Goodluck Jonathan conceded victory to Buhari, no much of jurisprudence”, he stressed.

The PDP presidential candidate Spokesman said, ” PDP being the most stable and consistent party in Nigeria since inception will continue to embrace and nurture Democratic principles and ethos, and I will encourage other parties to do the same”.

The vocal party stalwart, said in any election whoever was adjudged a winner where the vast of the people didn’t agree would be sitting on illegitimate mandate.

He buttressed this way, ” if President Buhari is the actual winner, he is a victim because he is been made to be sitting on a stolen mandate. If Atiku was the winner of the election, he is a victim. Finally, the ultimate losers are the people who freely gave their mandate”.

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