After I Revealed how Pastor Kumuyi ruined my Childhood, I received threats,curses from deeper life members — mercy benjamin




kAfter her story went viral yesterday, she received so many threats, insults, and curses from Deeper Life members.

I have never taken this much insults, curses and threats in all my life before.
My inbox is filled with threats. Fom born again christian.
Friends, please take a look at these screenshots. My tummy churned at their sight. They made me sick to my stomach. Those words were written by Mercy Benjamin.

This is the product of Pentecostal Christianity in Nigeria and many parts of Africa. The lady in question, Mercy Benjamin expressed how her childhood was ruined by being born into Deeper life church.

Now, they decreed she must die because she dared to challenge their papa’s insensitivity to the plight of suffering humans by his words.

Let me ask you this: what is the difference between these people and witchdoctors? No difference. No! I think there’s a difference. Witchdoctors curse under the cover of darkness when no one is looking but these ones curse in the open.

Worse still, they do so in the name of “God”. I keep wondering what God they talk about. Definitely, not the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not our father.

Am I surprised? No, I’m not. They have been indoctrinated into this by their papas. Their papas have been cursing out of their various pulpits. With microphone in one hand and Bible in the other, they curse and look for scriptural justification for it.

It would surprise you to know that there are many church-goers who did not know how to curse until they stepped their feet into some glorified synagogues of Satan masquerading as Christ’s assembly. By their fruits, you shall know them.

Friends, If the sight of those screenshots don’t make you shudder at what we call Christianity today, then you have not met the love of God demonstrated in Christ.

You have not known the gospel of His kingdom. You are just doing church! You might go by the name bishop, apostle, pastor or whatever, the narrative will not change.

May Christ Jesus reveal himself to you. For now, the Jesus you know is the one that “charismatic witchcraft” and “Pentecostal rascality” parading itself as church has taught you.

Friends, you don’t keep company with these people and think you are having fellowship with God’s people. When they curse, they think they are praying.

Challenge the teaching of their papas and they spring up from every angle like pagans whose deity has been touched. They don’t belong to Christ. They are none of His. They belong to their papa, who has become their deity. I’m not judging them. By their fruits, we know them.

When Jesus wanted to enter a city in Samaria and was resisted by the Samaritans, James and John, two of his disciples who were proudly surnamed Boanerges (sons of thunder) asked that they call down fire to consume the Samaritans like it was in the days of Elijah but Jesus rebuked them.

He told them they were operating by a wrong spirit: “But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. Luke 9:55 NKJV.”

Today, many of these assemblies have played host to many tongue-talking, bible-clutching churchgoers who operate by the wrong spirit. They are not raising disciples for Christ but they are raising witchdoctors and psychopaths in suits.

Mercy Benjamin sharing her story is not a crime. I see a lady who was hurt and needed comfort and love, but let me tell you, she is blessed beyond the curse. No enchantment or divination decorated in religious finesse that is formed against her will ever propser

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