Meet Some of the Alleged Fake Pastors in Nigeria




There are ministers in Nigeria that are being named phony because of their activities. Individuals who are doing things that are God detests. A righteous man ought not be doing things that the Bible censures.

Isn’t sufficient to state that this minister, minister is phony, realize you need to back it up with certainty. That is the reason we have to recognize what makes a minister counterfeit.

How to recognize a phony minister?

The straightforward method to distinguish a phony minister in Nigeria is to take a gander at the individual’s activities, and contrast at that point differentiate it and what the Bible says.

For instance a portion of God’s order is don’t take, don’t submit murder, God inclinations not be exploitative, genuineness includes not duping individuals, however helping individuals sacrificially.

Presently some apparently righteous men are doing this things that God abhors. They are deceptive cheating their Church individuals from their well deserved cash that runs in millions. They are recorded occurrences of ministers executing individuals, ministers perpetrating infidelity and wrongdoings. Let us see some those.

As indicated by the Guardian paper one

– Pastor of Voice of Canaan Church, Cherubim and Seraphim, Azuri-Okene, in Adavi kogi state murdered a whore for ceremonial purposes the ministers name is Otaru Olusegun, he even admitted to the wrongdoing.

Trapped in the demonstration

– According to the online paper, a ministers was captured for murdering a multi year old and covering the body in his home, the ministers name is Adedoyin Oyekan who is situated in Lagos, he admitted and drove the police to where they found the mangled body of the little fellow.

– According to Nigerian online screen Nigerian screen/a minister was gotten while taking part in outfitted burglary, the name of the man is Pastor Isaiah (family name retained) him and his pack has executed up to 4 cops before they were gotten.

– According to a minister from

Living Faith Church, otherwise called Winners Chapel, Adeniyi Johnson by name, was gotten with human meat. Upon cross examination he said that the soul instructed him to impart the meat to his withering child.

At the point when you burrow further, you’ll discover more about these phony ministers, their names and houses of worship including the demonstration that made them counterfeit. This is the reason one should be cautious when going to certain chapels.

Presently the inquiry is how would I know genuine ministers in Nigeria? Is a simple inquiry to pose however not all that simple to find the solution, in light of the fact that any minister you ask the person in question will disclose to you that he is the one.

The best activity is to realize what makes a righteous man genuine. On the off chance that you need to discover fake cash what you have to do is to contemplate the genuine cash, along these lines when you recognize the fake one you’ll know. In any case, in the event that you study the fake cash what number of fake highlights will you focus on memory before you become a specialist.

So we won’t state this man minister is genuine, utilize the how to recognize counterfeit minister and compare with what a genuine minister ought to be, the characteristics he or ought to have, however remember that nobody is great

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