We Have Arrested Another Leader of ‘One Million Boys’ After Ebila -DG Operation Burst …. Calls on Parents To Monitor Their Wards As Schools Resume




IBADAN: Dapo Salami, Ibadan.

The Director General of Oyo State Joint Security Task Force, popularly known as ‘Operation Burst’, Col. Oladipo Ajibola Rtd. has declared over the weekend in Ibadan that the second in command to the late Abiola Ebila, the leader of the notorious One Million boys in Ibadan has been arrested and currently facing trial.
Ebila was recently killed by the men of Operation Burst at Ibadan when he was reported to be involved in a kidnap ring and security personnel rounded him up at his hideout.
The second in command, popularly known as ‘Eji’ has assumed leadership of the gang before being arrested for sundry criminal offenses and handed over to the police for trial.
Col. Ajibola said the security outfit has rid Ibadan of the menace of the notorious gang as the rest of them have ran out of the State to seek cover in Lagos and other States.
“Operation Burst has been able to reduce criminality in Oyo State, people now go about doing their businesses without fear, we have effected a lot of arrests in relation to cultism, yahoo boys and other criminals and hand them over to the right security agency concerned, the high profile among the criminal cases was Abiola Ebila.
“Abiola Ebila, the leader of one million boys was involved in kidnapping and we got him through one of the personalities he kidnapped while he was asking for ransom, the elimination of Abiola Ebila has sent other gang leaders out of Oyo State and we are still trailing those who are their minions.
“We have succeeded in getting one of them recently who was the second in command to the late Ebila, we handed him over to another security agency for proper investigation and prosecution and we urge the general public to avail the security agencies prompt information to nip criminality in the bud.”
He said Operation Burst’s activities have been extended to hot spot in Ibadan, among which were Foko,Odo Oba,Olomi Olodo, Oke-Ogun zone and Oyo State in general, adding that the outfit’s Call Center for distress calls would soon be commissioned.

He explained that the mode of operation of Operation Burst was to only swing into action in cases that other security agencies require strong back up force, siting the arrest of drug traffickers, kidnappers, armed robbers, cultists and others and handing the culprits over to the agency saddled by law to prosecute each crime.
The Director General of Operation Burst appreciated the governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde for doing his best by providing the needed mobility, accessories and other support.

He called on parents to watch over their children and counsel them on morality as they resume back to school on Monday, saying that parents should be inquisitive and always have the trust of their wards so they could confide in them whenever they were involved in any danger or invited.
…. Recover Guns and Amunations

Efforts of the Oodua People’s Congress ( OPC) Oyo state Chapter was crownd when they gained entrance to the old Oyo forest reserve and captured ten terrorists with dangerous arms and Ammunitions.

Speaking with the newsmen at kishi , the Oyo state co-ordinator, of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) said that the terrorists and kidnappers that occupied the old Oyo national park has been dislodged by OPC in the region.

Comrade Rotimi Olumo said that the National Coordinator of OPC, and the Aare Onakankanfo of Yoruba land, iba Abiodun Gani Adams has mandated him relocate to Oke Ogun region of Oyo state following the tips of that terrorists and kidnappers has taking over the region.

Comrade Rotimi Olumo said that OPC members were able to apprehend ten terrorists when they entered the reserved forest. The captured terrorists has been handed over to the Nigeria police force .

He also thanks all the traditional rulers in the region for providing all the necessary information for OPC and police. He said that OPC has achieved alot in making sure that peace reigns in Oyo state. He said that as the state co-ordinator of OPC, I must thank our leader the Aare Onakankanfo for giving us the adequate information about the operations of kidnappers and terrorists in Oke Ogun He has tried alot for Yoruba land.

He also thank members of OPC in Igbeti and Igboho for providing necessary support and logistics for the successful operation.

Comrade Rotimi Olumo said that it was OPC members that captured the terrorists and kidnappers in the forest. He said that has the OPC leader in the state , he will not allow terrorists and kidnappers to operate in Oyo state.

He also called on the state government to give OPC the necessary support because OPC has tried enough in making sure that peace reigns in all nook and cranny of the state. He also said that the terrorists that was captured should be taking to the court of law for apporiate judgement.

Comrade Rotimi Olumo said that OPC needs the support of all and sundry to succeed because the security of our state is important to us.

He also thanked the Are Onakankanfo for supporting Yoruba race. He also said that members of the public should appreciate OPC for the fantasy work they doing for yoruba’s

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