Nigeria@60: Hope is not lost in Nigeria– Maharaj ji tells critics .. Suggests death penalty for land grabbers




Salami Oladapo, Ibadan.
Satguru Maharajji , founder of One Love Family, has informed those critising and claiming Nigeria is a failled state to stop their antics, saying hope is not lost in Nigeria project.

Maharaj ji stated this on yesterday during a press conference marking his 40th anniversary of the existence of Divine Light Mission and 27 year of his declaration of “No war in Nigeria, come what may”, in Ibadan.

He called on the haters of the country to love and celebrate Nigeria at 60 as she emerged and waxed stronger.

Maharaj ji urged Nigerians to eschew their differences and refrain from acts that would exacerbate acrimonious tendences among various ethnic groups in the country.

He also called on Nigeria leaders across the socio-political , economic, cultural and religious divide to shun act that could affect the common good and well-being of the people.

“It is expected that Nigeria 60th Independence anniversary will bring about the much desired turing point and change of heart of the people.

” I want Nigerians to be aware that the country will be great.

‘There is nothing wrong with Nigeria if we are doing the right thing,” he said.

Mahajji alsi called on the Federal Government to bring back the toll-gate on major highways and the accrued revenue be channeled towards provision of adequate welfare package for the people.
“Human beings are always at their best when they are happy and in their state of happiness.
” They be come highly productive as positive tools in nation building when they enjoy the dividend of democracy.

“We need leader who will be able to make use of the limited resources in the country to better the lives of the people,”he said.

He also called on the Federal and state Governments to enact a law that would stipulate death penalty without an option of fine for land grabbers.

He said that the Federal and other states should emulate Lagos State which had enacted the law,adding that the rising profile of land-grabbers as been coming unacceptable.

Mahaj ji said that strigent punishment must be melted out for those who indulge in this barbaric act of infamy.

He called on well-meaning Nigerians to rise against the evil scourge and ensure that those who engaged in the illicit trade of dispossessing people of their land and creating misery and pain for them.

“Land grabbers must be chased out of not only Nigeria, Africa and indeed the world, into the Atlantic Ocean.

” Any officer and men of the Nigeria Police Force who go beyond their official schedule and meddle into land matters by aiding and abetting land-grabbers should be retired with ignominy beside facing the full wrath of the law,”Maharaj ji said.

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