Epilepsy Is Not Demonic,is An Abnormality in The Brain — Mrs Elizabeth




The Epilepsy Advocacy Initiative Group in Neurophysiology Unit Of The Federal Medical Center Idi Aba in Abeokuta has Organised a sensitization programme to educate student and Pupils Of Peterson Memorial School on Epilepsy in commemoration with this month’s epileptic awareness, with the ” theme” Friendship And Inclusion.
Mrs Odanigbe Elizabeth, the Speaker at programme explain further that Epilepsy is a non communicable disease of the brain that affects people of all ages irrespective of their personalities.

She maintained that there is a misconception about the disease in the society, believing that it is a mental illness and demonic which can be contracted from one person to the other.

“Many believes it is demonic and contagious, which is not,it can not be contracted by a mere holding or touching the person’s saliva who suffers from it.” She said that Epilepsy can not occur without the person having a seizure,such as muscle stiffness,bitting of tongue,loss of consciousness and tingling and twitching of the limbs.

She however urged them not to stigmatise or discriminate,as such a person can still live a normal and fulfilling life, maintaining that it should not be a barrier to the carrier’s existence

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