EKSG seals off some unauthorized Hospitals, Health Facilities


By Abiodun olofe Ado Ekito

In a bid to ensuring quality and efficient healthcare service delivery , the Ekiti state government has sanctioned and sealed off some Hospitals and health facilities in the state for unprofessional activities and operation.

The commissioner for Health and Human services Dr Oyebanji Filani ordered the closure while paying an unscheduled visit to some private health facilities across Ekiti state.

The commissioner who was represented by the director of Hospital Services and Training in the ministry of Health and Human Services, Dr. Olusanya Adetoye said Ekiti people deserve quality health care and would not hesitate to sanction any erring health operator in the state.

The Ekiti health helmsman said it was part of the routine and schedule of the ministry to monitor the existing as well as private health institutions to ensure they comply with the set standards and to also find out if there are any facilities that have not registered with the state and are already in operation or those that are maned by not properly qualified staffs.

He frowned at some facilities visited that were operating with poor staff complements, dirty environments and unprofessional personnel which he said could affect the health system in the state and ordered the immediate closure of such facilities.

He reechoed that government had met with the proprietors of private health facilities in Ekiti state and has issued warning on the use of trainees saying that Ekiti State would not hesitate to prosecute any auxiliary doctor or nurse that could endanger the life of any Ekiti residents.

Some of the hospitals and facilities sealed included Odunayo medical center, Aye Ekiti, City medical laboratory, Ado Ekiti, Masterpiece Diagnostic Care, Abundant Grace Hospital, Ado Ekiti as well as Good Heritage Hospital, Ado Ekiti.

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