Put a Garlic Inside The Toilet at Night For This Brilliant Reason




Well in our world today, there are a lot of unusual things going on everyday(No Ordinary Day). So, because there is no Ordinary Day we need to learn new things as the world changes, and that’s why today in this article I will be telling you why you have to always make sure that you put a garlic inside of your toilet before going to bed.

Today, With the changing world and our rapid-paced lives and also our busy schedules, it is hard and a tough task to Clean, arrange and put our our houses in order.

Especially when you are single or you live alone in the house and every morning you go to work and will have to get back home late.

Some chores are smooth to try to do and others aren’t. But taking care of the bathroom isn’t a simple task because it requires time, endurance and dedication.

Did you know that your bathroom and your toilet accumulates and habors a lot of micro organisms, if you never knew then now you know.

Since it’s the place in the house that is most Concentrated with fungus and micro organisms, it need to be cleaned regularly.

For you to wash and clean your bathroom or toilet, you need to use very active chemicals and disinfectants which sometimes might no be friendly with you as the are highly active chemicals

To clean your rest room in an extra natural way, on this post, we’ll display you a trick as a way to help you keep your lavatory clean with the usage of garlic.

Before you go to bed or sleep, make sure you peel at least one clove of garlic, put in inside the toilet. Leave it there till the following morning and then flush.

Do this procedure at least Three times weekly, and usually at night considering it’s the time the rest room is less used.

The garlic will help with its antimicrobial and antifungal power

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