4 Warning Signs that you are Suffering from brain cancer




Brain cancer otherwise called Brain tumor is the growth of abnormal cells in the human brain. It can be benign growth or malign growth of cells, the most dangerous is malign growth of cells because these abnormal cells keep multiplying in the brain of the individual and eventually lead to the death of the person if untreated.

To prevent this terrible end, we are going to have a look at some of the warning signs that point to the fact that someone is suffering from brain tumor. The problem most of us have is that, whenever we start experiencing strange happenings in our bodies, we often generalise that it’s either malaria or typhoid. Sometimes the problems are way higher than what we think, below are some of the signs of brain cancer that you should take very seriously.

1. Headaches; if you start experiencing constant headache, sometimes that doesn’t go away even after taking pain reliefs that often take away the pain. Brain cancer headache is often regular i.e. each day you wake up, there is every possibility that you will have a headache that appears too stubborn to handle. If you have been experiencing this, then no need beating about the bush again, there is need to visit the hospital for tests.

2. Problems With Walking; the brain controls numerous activities in the human body. When there is an unhealthy growth of cells in your brain the resultant feeling is difficulty doing normal physiological actions you often partake in. One of the painful experiences is difficulty walking; once you start finding it difficult walking peacefully, then you must visit the hospital for proper check up.

3. Numbness or Tingling in Arms and Legs; like I said, the brain plays numerous roles in the human body. If it’s affected in anyway, there is no way things will remain balanced in the human body. If you suddenly start feeling numb in your legs and arms occasionally or frequently, then you need to visit the hospital for checkup. It is a sign that your brain is not healthy.

4. Seizures; another sign of brain cancer is seizures in persons that have no history of seizures. When unusual cells start growing in your brain, one of the terrible things you will experience more often is seizure. Once you start experiencing unnecessary seizures even when you have no trace of seizure in your lineage or history, then there is need to go brain cancer diagnosis.

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