Stop Eating These Two Foods Excessively, They Could Damage Your Eyes




The eyes are the most precious body parts because they bring light to the body, that without it, there is no way some other parts can effectively function. For this reason therefore, the need to protect the eyes from issues should be of topmost importance.

If you lose your eyes right now, you automatically fall under the category of the less privileged and even find it difficult to actualize your dreams. So in this article, we are going to have a look at some foods you should not eat excessively if you don’t want to damage your eyes. Just sit tight and enjoy the article.

1. Fatty Meats; red meats and sausages are often very accessible in the market but they are not so good for your body. This is because they contain fats that can be harmful to your body and your eyes, cholesterol is very harmful and should never come into someone’s blood in huge quantity. If you care about your eyes, you need to mix it up with lean meats like turkey that is filled with zinc and protein. Salmon is also a good alternative because it’s rich in omega 3 acid.

2. White Foods; if you are wondering what I mean by white Foods, worry no more. White Foods or plained coloured foods we often consume are; White Rice, white bread, pasta etc. These foods contain nothing so useful to the eye and body other than simple carbohydrates that gives a rush of energy followed by a crash. If you want your eyes to remain healthy, then it’s advisable to also mix these foods up with green vegetables or things that actually add value to the body. Because the quality of the food you eat directly affects how good your eye will perform.

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