You Might Be Killing Yourself Slowly, If You Still Cook Beans in The Wrong Way




Beans is one of the common foods eaten by many Nigerians today. It is very nutritious because of the high amount of protein in it. When eaten with either plantain, potatoes or other foods, it becomes more enjoyable. But Beans can be killing you slowly, if prepared in the wrong way.

This is because of amount of preservatives used to keep insects and pests away from beans. So eating beans without following these procedures first might be killing you slowly.

1. Removing the dirt

This is the process of removing every other thing that is not beans. It is necessary because some of these dirts might be particles of the chemicals used in preserving it. So make sure that you remove all particles from the beans before preparing it for consumption.

2. Washing it thoroughly

It is very important you wash your beans thoroughly to remove some of the chemical which might be soaked into the beans. If possible wash with hot water.

3. Parboiling it

This is another important thing you should before cooking your beans. Parboil it for like 30 minutes or more, then rinse it with cold water.

4. Cook it for 3 hours then add enough palm oil and after adding all your ingredients, add vegetables and maybe plantain (optional).

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