Say these Prayers Before going out today 26- 03- 2021 to destroy satanic plan against you




Supreme father, thank you for your kindness in my life, I thank you for the protection you gave to me from last night till this morning father, I declare as I go out today, blessings, God’s love and protection shall go with me in Jesus’ name.

Father be thou exalted as you have destroyed evil powers of the enemies in my life lord, I thank you for liberating me from the trap of the evil ones lord I thank you for financial liberty in Jesus’ name.

Father, as I go to work today, don’t let me witness any form of accident or heart break in Jesus’ name, my supreme protector, bless me abundantly in Jesus’ name oh lord, Let me power and spirit guide me throughout the remaining days of days of this month in Jesus name.
Lord, I decree, whatever plans I have today being Friday 26 March 2021, shall be successfully executed so that my enemies will witness that I’m serving a supreme God who never changes no matter what circumstance father be thou exalted in Jesus’ name.

Father today I terminate any spirit causing bad luck, lack, delay, and sickness in my life and the lives of my family shall not go out with me this morning as I destroy such evil power in Jesus’ name.

Thank you ultimate father for answering my prayers be thou exalted in Jesus’ name I have prayed

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