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The Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Oyo State Chapter has called for the release of three of it members arrested by the police in Oyo State.

The trio who had earlier arrested WAKILI who is alleged to be the Mastermind behind spate of kidnapping in Ibarapa area of the state. OPC members are law abiding citizens of there state.

Comrade Rotimi Olumo, who is the Oyo State Co ordinator of OPC, led by Iba Gani Adams, stated this while addressing a press conference in ibadan, Oyo State capital yesterday.

Comrade Rotimi Olumo said that OPC did the necessary legal process in arresting WAKILI

According to Olumo WAKILI, a Fulani man had constituted himself as stronghold which Nigerian security operatives dare not entered his domain.

We in the OPC seeing this, volunteered to go into the forest as a sort of assistance to the police and we went there successfully to arrest him. We handed him to the police.

We, however were surprised that the police turned around to pounce upon three of our members who had gone to honour the invitations extended to them by the 👮.

Olumo said that it has come to the knowledge of OPC that WAKILI will soon be released From custody.

Olumo said that he is calling for the release of him membership because they have done nothing wrongly in arresting a kidnapper. There families are calling for their unconditional release.

OPC like any other organization in Yoruba land. Even majority of Nigerians are aware that the government’s at the center is practicing nepotism where the Fulani’s are shown today be superior to other ethnic groups. We want the Government to do property investigation .

Olumo said that releasing WAKILI can cause crises in the state. He said that criminal activities has returned back to Ibarapa area. Wakili boys are fully on ground in that region.

We want Oyo State Government and traditional rulers in the south West to intervain in this matter

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