Police Inaction Puts Ogun Information Officer On The Run For His Life

A dedicated Higher Executive Information Officer at the Ogun State Ministry of Information and Strategy, Lemboye Lukman Motunrayo has said to have flee for his life after refusing to release sensitive information about the state government.

Information revealed that Lemboye bravery has come at a great personal cost, as he now faces death threats and harassment from unknown assailants.

On April 22, 2021, it was gathered that Lemboye while driving home from work noticed a suspicious car trailing him with three men inside making threatening gestures.

Our correspondent gathered that the incident could be linked to his refusal to release sensitive information to political opposition groups, he sought help from the Oke Itoku Police Station. However, his attempt to report the case was met with demands for bribes from police officers on duty before they could carry out any investigation.

This shocking acts of Police has left Lemboye feeling vulnerable and abandoned, with no recourse for justice.

His ordeal raises serious questions about the integrity of the Ogun State Government and the police force, and highlights the dangers faced by whistleblowers who dare to speak truth to power.

Sources close to the matter reveal that Lemboye is not the only victim of such intimidation tactics, with other ministry staff members also facing threats and harassment for refusing to release sensitive information about the government .

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