By, Prince Tolu Ajayi.

Just like the saying that a prophet may not be appreciated in his home of origin. This was what happened to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) whom was rejected my the people of Mecca until Allah commanded him to migrate (Hijrah) to Medina and was welcomed with warm ovation. The same scenario was what played out in the life of Prophet Isa (Jesus) which led to His rejection and crucifixion.

Nearly all prophets mentioned in the Holy Books (Qur’an and Bible) faced the same fate especially from their own people whom would have been expected to be their pilar of support but turned out to be their worst enemies. Anyone sent on divine and ordained missions by the Almighty should naturally expect to experience this. This is just the true picture and reflection of the present situation regarding the coming of Governor Yahaya Bello as president come 2023.

In recent time, one would wonder if it’s only Governor Yahaya Bello that is in the country considering the level of appreciation and acceptance coming from international bodies, celebrating the giant achievements and successes of the governor. Hardly will a couple of weeks passes by without a news of Governor Yahaya Bello conferred with an award or honour mostly from international communities based on his strategic and deliberate security consciousness which makes Kogi state the most secured and peaceful state in the country despite being surrounded by many troubled states.

Among other states in the country, Kogi has continued to experience inflow of foreign investors which in turn continue to add value to the economic and social wellbeing of the state. The state of infrastructural growth and development in Kogi state is exceptional and the state of women and youths engagement and empowerment is second to none, reason why there is hardly a case of violence and restlessness in the state.

All these and more are reasons why Kogi state has never been in the news for the wrong reason, courtesy of the visionary and exemplary leadership of the god-fearing and people oriented leader, Governor Yahaya Bello.

Despite the many good things people outside Kogi state and Nigeria are seeing about Governor Yahaya Bello, it’s surprising that many from his state are not appreciating this their God giving blessing to the world. It is obvious that many people from Kogi state only concentrate on few negative aspect of the governor, forgetting that only Almighty Allah is perfect.

The good thing about whatever anyone might see negatively about Governor Yahaya Bello is that leadership is a learning process and Governor Yahaya Bello having gone through the process, is most qualified for 2023 presidency considering the experiences, knowledge and skills acquired so far as not just a governor but a working and performing one. The good thing is that Governor Yahaya Bello has passed through the stage of trial and error but now in the stage of perfection in governance.

I hereby use this medium to call on the good people of Kogi state especially the youths and Nigerians at large to take ownership of Governor Yahaya Bello and not miss this opportunity 2023. In Governor Yahaya Bello lies a new Nigeria everyone is craving for. To the young generation, it should be our pride that a Governor Yahaya Bello belongs to our generation.




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