Ogun Becoming Africa Boom City As Sunboom Introduces Amusement Arena





Ogun Becoming Africa Boom City As Sunboom Introduces Amusement Arena

Ogun State, especially Abeokuta the state capital has turned to one of the states in Nigeria that is bursting with an amusement park such has museum, tourists center and many more.

To this end, It was all fun and excitement at the Sunboom Children’s Day Celebration as children, parents and guardians were thrilled to an unforgettable experience in collaboration with YAATOP in Abeokuta the state capital.

Sunboom Amusement Arena which located inside MKO international stadium Abeokuta has vowed to continue to positively project the rich cultural heritage of black nations.

During this year Children’s Day Celebration, the Sunboom Amusement Arena who organised party for children disclosed that the purpose was to educate and enlighten children on Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.

No fewer than One hundred schools stormed at this year Children’s day celebration to to see and feel the heritage of the country and the history of Nigeria’s culture that are inside the museum in Sunboom Amusement Arena.

Not only that, various art works are kept for research and safety purposes for Children and parents to see.

While Fielding questions from journalists shortly after the tour of the place with an amazing different animals in their zoo, Chief Sunday Majekodunmi who managed the place hinted that Sunboom Amusement Arena is an upcoming museum, zoo and amusement park with state of the art gym center.

Chief Majekodunmi who is also a foremost CEO, who by training and profession is an Estate Surveyor and Valuer, while interacting with Journalists boasted that right from his Secondary School days, he had developed passion for the project.

His words “And that was the motivation that brought about this and ever since, I have been trying to gather all these items one by one, spanning over twenty to twenty five years to gather them. It is not easy getting them, I am still aspiring to get more.

“The items are informative, highly educative, it is going to improve the knowledge of Students, and also refresh memories of the old ones.

Most of the things you see here, some of these young ones have not come across them, but when they come here, it will increase their knowledge.

Speaking on the Children day bash, Chief Majekodunmi said “I am a lover of Children, when Children’s day like this is coming up, I am always happy to gather them together like this, learn one or two things from us on how to be better leaders, get entertained, we used the day to acknowledge their existence, they are our future leaders, we must celebrate them.

The facility at the zoo section, which has officially been operational is well equipped with various types of animals, birds, both wild and domestic ones.

Speaking on the challenges in puting up the place, Chief Majekodunmi said, “some of the items at the park, most especially, the zoo and museum worth bilions of Naira, the value is not measurable.

While calling for more support from the government and well spirited individuals, Chief Majekodunmi said, “to gather some of these things you see here today, there are lots of challenges, , such as money, and patronage, it has been very slow, we are just creating awareness now.

I want government to come to our aid inform of assistance, through that we will be able to stand firm. For example using this place alone, we pay rent annually, if they can give us rebate, we will so much appreciate it.

“This place has not been generating income, and I believe with government assistance we can be able to create more impact in the area of job creation, and economic development of the State, as tourism remains a very good source of income to the country.

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