LG Elections: OGSIEC Debunks Given Form To Kashamu’s PDP Faction, Says PDP Publicity Secretary




LG Elections: OGSIEC Debunks Given Form To Kashamu’s PDP Faction, Says PDP Publicity Secretary

There was a speculation that the Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission OGSIEC under the leadership of Babatunde Osibodu has recognize a faction of the late Buruji Kashamu’s PDP Faction as the authentic state executive.

Our correspondent gathered that the PDP public secretary, Akinloye Bankole had on Wednesday June 2, 2021 approached the OGSIEC to request for forms CF001 and CF002 for all the 236 councillorship candidates and 20 chairmanship candidates.

According to him “On getting there, we were told that OGSIEC cannot release forms to us because there is another faction presenting itself as the state exco of the PDP in Ogun State.”

“They mentioned specifically to us one Leke Shittu, who they said came as the State Secretary of the party and that he had submitted a list. We were told that OGSIEC was studying our records before they can release the forms to us. We were set back that we should wait for them till 2pm on Wednesday, promising to get back to us. Unfortunately, they did not revert on Wednesday.

“Around 7am on Thursday, we went to their office and we met the OGSIEC Chairman. We registered our displeasure. He explained that they have considered the documents before them and on the basis of what they have as documents, they have resolved to handover all forms that belong to PDP to that Leke Shittu. We took the matter up from there and he said there is nothing he could do. He said we whatever papers we have, we should go ahead and present them. We showed him about three different documents which actually prove that the Leke Shittu he mentioned cannot represent the PDP at any level because he is unknown to the party.

“He said we should go and present our documents and all evidences, backed up with a formal letter and get back to them. Unfortunately, by the time we got back to their office around 5pm on Thursday, OGSIEC has closed.

“But we now saw across social media platforms that OGSIEC has actually gone ahead to present the forms to Leke Shittu,”

When our correspondent called the publicity secretary to confirm the latest development, Akinloye in a 1:26 voice note explained that about an hour ago Friday June 4 OGSIEC debunked the speculation that he has given the forms to a particular group in the party.

He added that OGSIEC as at today has not given form to anybody adding that they have presented there paper of all the lists of there candidates which the Commission Chairman has received it.

He said the Commission Chairman assured them by Monday he will get back to them of positive consideration of there case.


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