Exclusive Interview With Yoruba Movie Actor, Adewale Tayo




Exclusive Interview With Yoruba Movie Actor, Adewale Tayo

In an encountered with the Yoruba movie Actor Adewale Tayo, he spoke on his Educational background, business, challenges and many more.


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Mr Ogunsola Adewale Tayo is a season business administrator.

He has a diploma In business administration at Olabisi Onabanjo University Ako-iwoye. Presently he is an actor.

He spoke with Vision update Abimbola Lawal on his career and challenges at the film industry.Excerpts.

*Tell us about yourself and your articedence*

My name is Ogunsola Adewale Tayo,I’m from Ogun state
I went to Ideal nursery and primary school Abeokuta Ogun state from 1989, Macjob grammar school Abeokuta Ogun state in 1993 – 1999
I entered Olabisi Onabanjo for Diploma Ogun state in 2000
I studied business administrator

*What prompted you to become an actor as a business person?*

Everything has his other own discipline and we have different kind of orientation, I actually studied business administration though when I was in school I was once an artist in my church in which I have a dream to become an actor,so at the long run we had a long vacation then which lasted for a year in which I actually use that as an opportunity to pursue my dream so I decided to go for this during that process and I enrolled myself to be an artist that how it started.

*When did you started acting?*

I started in 2005

*Who are you looking up to as a mentor?*

Well, we have different celebrities in the industry but somebody am looking up to is Yomi Fash Lanso.

*Title of film you featured in?*

I started with Belubelu that was when I played the sobid role in the film in the year 2008 precisely.

*Have you ever produce the film of your own?*

As I earliest said when you asked who my mentor is, I said Yomi Fash Lanso,it is not a must to produce before you know you are an actor so am looking up to Yomi Fash Lanso because he has never produce a movie but if you check his status in the industry he’s distinct,he’s a unique actor so personally am looking up to production by the end of this year, so because production has turn to something else in the industry so by the special grace of God 2021 December am producing my movie.

*What is the title of the film?*

Well,just because of the piracy of a thing, I cannot disclose but it gonna base on love film.

*Your advice to the federal government base on the piracy in the film industry?*

Well, the piracy of a thing, it has become an attitude that we cannot even stop,we’ve tried all our best to know we’ve reached out to the government, we’ve reached out to the military forces and everybody we’ve tried to beat everything that pertains to piracy but there’s no room to beat all those things because it is even most of us that involves in the piracy but my advice to the federal government is if they can help us in their best of knowledge to stop this it will help most of our actor and actress.

*What is your say about the indecent and immoralities in film industry for the youth?*

Well, film industry has turned to a kind of global organization now,in such a way that quite some years ago it wasn’t like the way it used to be now, but majority of our students are part of us.There are sometimes that when you want to become an actor/actress you just have to go directly to a particular organization in which now you can go to the school and study what they call theatre art so by the time you finish you can also come back and do the practical aspect of it.

*What are your challenges so far?*

Well, my challenges yunno there’s nothing you can do without challenges in this life.
Majorly I don’t want to get myself discriminated yunno but the top challenge I have was when I started the movie then there are different shot we do take which is the medium shot,long shot and close-up shot,then I actually pushed the moral of individuality on the set that I cried and everybody clapped yunno it beat everybody impression but when I wanted to do the C.U the director was like you can do that again you can cry because that cry has effect in that particular act so I couldn’t command the cry again so the director got angry he was like what kind of actor are you that really made me felt bad though it is an experience so it really made me felt bad that I can not just forget that thing.

*How do you cope with your family and your profession?*

Haaaa, that a big question it not been easy anyway yunno once you have something in mind to become you don’t have to check out the challenges around that area you have to portray your dream in other to achieve what you wanna achieve, it have not been easy anyway yunno not even family alone my own personal family is another challenge,my own extended family is another challenge because of the dream I had for filming I just have to let all those thing gone then,I tried to check out the balance and make sure everything is okay.

*Your advice to the upcoming actors/actresses?*

Well,the only advice I will have to give them is to be active and they should all be patient enough once you have a dream, a dream is not something you can have in a day and fulfill in a day not minding the challenges you just have to proclaim that particular dream yunno patient is the only key.

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