Ogunsola Gets Endorsement From APC Leaders In Ogun




Ogunsola Gets Endorsement From APC Leader In Ogun

The All Progressives Congress stalwarts at Obafemi-Owode Local Government have explicitly declared their supports for the Chairmanship Candidate at their Local Government, Hon. Ogunsola Lanrewaju Adesina at the Party Secretariat in Abeokuta today, Ogun State.

The APC members at OOLG thanked the Political leaders for their unflinching efforts in ensuring their own grassroots politician for them, reiterated that Hon. Ogunsola is a renowned politician whose spirit is to accommodate all in the Local Government and Ogun State respectively.

They affirmed that Hon. Ogunsola has been a longest serving Secretary of the Local Government in Ogun state with eight years landmark achievements with Engr Akeem Babatunde Adesina as the Executive chairman then.

While addressing the mammoth who rallied solidaritary supports for Ogunsola candidature, the Deputy State chairman of the party, assured the supporters that Hon. Ogunsola is the only Chairmanship Candidate for OOLG under the umbrella of the Leading Party, APC deposited that the leaders at the local government had unanimously chosen him as their only Candidate for the forthcoming local government election.

Equally, The women leader of Obafemi Owode local government, Mrs. Kabira Dasaolu addressed the reporter said, the women in the local government are in support of Hon. Ogunsola candidature, thanked the political leaders who have in unity picked him.

“Our leaders has chosen a favorite of the local government to chair us in Obafemi Owode local government”, Mrs Kabira said.

In the same vein, an APC chieftain, Alhaji Yisa Adeyinka Yusuf described Hon Ogunsola as a man of good antecedent, whose administration as the two terms Secretary of OOLG is unmarched.

“Ogunsola is a very cool headed man with good records, he knows what people needs in a time, he has not been engaged in social vices or any form of immoral shape; is a type that always give regards to the young and aged people in the society, his candidature is supported by me and the leaders of our local government”, Alhaji Yisa explained.

At the same time, Ogunseye Bidemi, Board Member Ogun Agro Services Corporation, also stated that the leaders including him are in support of Hon. Ogunsola because of his leadership acumen to drive Obafemi Owode local government to the dream land with his administrative experiences over the years, added that Ogunsola knows what the local government needs and what the local government needs is based on the fact that he was a former Scribe of the council for a consecutive eight years.

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