NNPP Describes IPAC Body As Convergence Of Charlatans, Jobless Politicians




NNPP Describes IPAC Body As Convergence Of Charlatans, Jobless Politicians

The National Chairman of New Nigeria People’s Party, Dr. Borniface Aniebonam said the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) body has become a convergence of charlatans who were only concern about their interest and personal financial growth.

The NNPP National Chairman also described IPAC activities as a body full of ‘jobless politicians’

According to the statement made available to journalists in Lagos maintaining that the extortion attitude of IPAC is making political candidates become helpless.

He said IPAC which supposed to serve as a body to represent the interest of political parties have been allegedly hijacked by ‘political job seekers’.

According to Aniebonam “it has been traditional that most people occupying strategic positions in the various political parties with an intent to serve their pecuniary and interest, indeed they pretend to be politicians of note.

“IPAC is seemingly an official convergence of such group of people in the various political parties. Unfortunately, INEC seem to give them recognition.

“I begin to wonder the inherent abuse the essence of multi party system in Nigeria. I thought that the essence of multi party system in Nigeria is to open the space for popular candidates to test their popularity.

“To the contrary is the situation at the moment, this is because those who may not have sustainable means of livelihood converge under the canopy of being a politician to extort electoral candidates.

“It is on record that since INEC stopped giving out their paltry sum to political parties, the extortion level increased tremendously.

“This attitude have made electoral candidates to become helpless in their breed to test their popularity.”.

Aniebonam however said NNPP will not tolerate any executive member of the party not having sustainable means of livelihood.

He maintained that sustainable source of income will be a major criteria to be considered before making anybody an executive member of the party.

He further said, “henceforth, NNPP shall not tolerate any executive member of our party who do not have a defined sustainable means of livelihood.

“Therefore, if you are in that category of membership, I do advise that you are at liberty to leave our great party. We started far back 1999 till date and it is about sacrifice we are making to reinvent a Nigeria of our dream once again.

“Every members of our great party must see himself or herself as a servant of God, Nigeria, NNPP and humanity.

“Nobody is to serve any of us as an individual, but note that when you serve NNPP as an artificial person, NNPP shall definitely feed you in return.

“To achieve, this is to work very hard and make sacrifices for the good of this party and development of Nigeria.

“It is disheartening that someone will occupy a position which he or she do not have capacity to hold. He or she ended up dragging everybody and even the party backward. This has to stop forthwith and immediately because that is corruption of note.”

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