Fayemi to FCC:  deepen bond of national unity, integration

Gov fayemi



Gov fayemi
The Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi has called on the
Federal Character Commission to focus more on deepening national unity
and integration of the various facets of the nation including culture,
ethnicity and religion.

Dr Fayemi, made the call in Ado-Ekiti on Wednesday while receiving in
audience a team from the Federal Character Commission led by its
Executive Chairman, Alhaja Muheeda Dankaka.

He noted that Nigeria, with its diversities, required a body like the
FCC and commended the Commission for utilizing wide range of
initiatives to manage such diversities.

He however challenged the FCC leadership to address the fundamental
inadequacies in gender representation in the country, while
reiterating urgent need to promote inclusion in all national

The Governor said he was excited the commission, in addition to
addressing issues of employment and positions in government, is also
focusing on socio-economic amenities and even distribution of
infrastructural projects nationally.

This, according to him, is more important to the people who are
concerned about the lopsidedness in project distribution in the

“Any effort taken in fostering nation integration and national unity
ought to be commended by all of us and this is one thing this body has
been doing. I am particularly glad that you are moving away from just
focusing on employment and positions in government to socio-economic
amenities and distribution of infrastructural projects which is more
important to our people because of evident lopsidedness in the
infrastructural project distribution in the country.

“We can really deepen the bond of unity and improve on our bridge
building efforts at a time that our country is going through
challenges, this commission has a central role to really strengthen
the bond of unity in Nigeria and I don’t think we have utilized you
enough for this purpose.” Fayemi said

He urged the FCC to work with other institutions of State to achieve
its set objectives, which according to him, are central in the second
stanza of the National Anthem- to build a nation where peace and
justice shall reign the only way to do that is to emphasize inclusion
in everything that we do.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Commission, Alhaja Muheeda Dankaka said
the commission was established with a primary focus of ensuring a
strong, viral and indivisible nation based on fairness, equity and
justice to promote national unity, foster national loyalty and give
every citizen of Nigeria a sense of belonging notwithstanding the
diversities which may exist.

Dankaka disclosed that the commission has realized most of its mandate
in the area of equitable distribution of social services and economic
amenities as well as monitoring government agencies with the
responsibility of providing road, power, transportation, housing and
other projects to ensure that their distribution adhere strictly to
the federal character principle.

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