“I was trained from the beginning to work, to save, and to give”. These words of John Rockefeller Jr could not be truer in the life of former Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, The Setman, Treasure House of God, Pastor Adeseye Senfuye and the retiring Ogun State Accountant General, Mr Micheal Olubunmi Idowu.

Pastor seye senfuye
Ogun AG
The trio had dedicated most of their lives to helping the less fortunate people in the society.
Apart from the fact that the trio are also Ogun State indigenes who had worked together in the Ogun State Ministry of Finance either as Commissioner or Permanent Secretaries; they all have continue to move to higher pedestrial with the heart of assisting the less privileged in the society.

Recently, Adeosun launched her NGO known as Dashme, while Senfuye and Idowu also continue to touch lives in their own ways.

Could it be said that the trio are students of the same school of thought that believes in the philosophy of “the more you give, the more you receive, and the more you are protected”.

Adeosun Dashme Project

When the news of the launch of Adeosun’s new charity organization frittered in, many saw it as the same kind of foundations politicians float whenever they want to contest for any elective position, insinuating that the former minister could be nursing a political ambition for 2023.

But Adeosun is different. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo attested to this when he described the charity organisation as “first of its kind.”

Again, because the financial expert was born and raised in the United Kingdom, not many Nigerians knew the humanity part of her life.

Not minding her privileged status as a UK citizen and her accomplishments and pedigree in the society, Adeosun, a former commissioner for finance in Ogun state, has always displayed humility and a burning desire to give a hand.

Little wonder her new foundation has committed itself to raise US $10 million in funds and resources for local charities within the first year of its existence.


Adeosun has a long history of working to support orphanages, in her private capacity. This could account why as a minister, she prioritized the Social Investment Programmes, SIP, of the Federal Government, when for the first time, the country voted almost N500 billion of her annual budget to welfare programmes.

The SIP engaged 500,000 young men and women; gave micro-credit to about two million traders and provided a home-grown school feeding programme for about 9.5 million children daily in public schools across the country.

The UK trained economist may have realised that there’s little she could do as an individual.

This realisation and desire for greater reach and impact, no doubt, necessitated the need to establish DashMe Foundation. DashMe simply means charity, giving freely without expecting any rewards in return.

The foundation which was recently unveiled in Lagos witnessed the crème la crème in the country and beyond including Prof. Osinbajo.


After resigning as Minister of Finance on the 14th of September, 2018, Adeosun has maintained a low profile.

Having stayed away for some time, the former minister returned home with DashMe to put smiles on the face of those that need it most.

DashMe is a fully indigenous, youth-driven, social enterprise that seeks to creatively raise funds and awareness for indigenous charities that provide direct care to orphans, vulnerable children, disadvantaged youth, and victims of domestic abuse.

The foundation is aimed to change lives by creatively raising funds and awareness for grassroots charities in Nigeria and across the globe.

Adeseye Senfuye Annual Feast

As part of its annual philanthropic gesture, Pastor Adeseye Senfuye of Treasure House of God annually feeds thousands of less privileged in the society.

According to Pastor Adeseye Senfuye, the Jesus feast was originally conceptualized to support the needy at auspicious occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ and its attendant celebration and it has not departed from the path.

Senfuye emphasized that, the project which started with a vision has gained so much popularity that they now receive donations from far and near, with a specific mention of some contributors from Kano.

The Set man said the church has been running the programme for several years now and many people have partaken in it in the past, adding that partakers have spoken glowingly about the church whose Set Man, Pastor Adeseye Senfuye believes in the postulate “live and let’s live”.

The annual event is titled “Jesus Feast” because according to him, it is motivated by the teachings of God, adding that Jesus Christ pioneered the idea of feasting the multitudes as a Biblical account recorded.

In addition to feasting multitude, the Set Man holds on tenaciously to the belief that it is humanly logical to give a hand to the needy at all times and specially during the celebration of Jesus who paid the supreme prize for the benefit of mankind.

He added that the reasonability of this event is also essentially supported by the Holy Bible where Christians were charged to be their brothers’ keeper. The Holy Qur’an also mandated believers of the Muslims faith to give Zakat to the needy.

Set Man of Treasure House of God usually encourages and persuades members of the church to always remember to give a hand to the needy. By this, he is convinced that looking in the direction of the needy is no longer a beautiful idea to worshipers at the church but also a compulsion in their lives.

According to him, “everyone in the Treasure House of God is treasured and so the church has always believed that no one should be left to starve, if not everyday but at least, during the Yuletide when it is believed the world will be marking the birth of Jesus Christ joyously.

Assisting the Needy is Biblical- Idowu

Recently while speaking to Vision Update, Mr Micheal Olubunmi Idowu said Mathew Chapter 25 was clear on this. The Bible said I was hungry, you fed me, I was naked, you clothed me, I was sick, you visited me, then there was a question, when did we do all these things and God said as long as you have done it to all these people you are better than, you have done it for me also. And for God to have said that, it means people that are in need, we should assist them so that God too will continue to bless you. That’s what some people have not realised, the more you give, the more you receive favour from God. And the more you give and those people also prayed for you, the more your prayers are answered. We should assist others to survive.

Idowu who is also a Pastor has continued to be a cheerful giver. People closed to him attest to this, he gives freely without looking back, and his philosophy has been to assist and put smiles on people’s face without looking back or, for immediate gain.




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