Sugar is one of the most popular ingredients for making foods sweet. In fact, it very difficult to see foods, especially processed foods that completely has no sugar in it. Unfortunately, sugar can be one of the most dangerous things to consume if taken too much. An excessive intake of sugar can lead to numerous health conditions, such as high blood sugar level, diabetes, obesity, etc. Another well known but ignored health dangers of consuming too much sugar is Impotency, and poor performance during intimacy in men, which can be very embarrassing to a man, or in some extreme cases, lead to a divorce in marriage. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why sugar causes impotency in men.
a) Makes You Tired: well, one thing is for sure, if you are easily tired, you won’t be able to perform properly as a man. Unfortunately, many men consume alot of sugary foods, ignoring the fact that sugar increase the glucose level in the blood, leading to a high blood sugar level, which eventually leads to fatigue and tiredness.

b) Excessive Fat: consuming more sugar than your body actually needs can make you become fat. This is because the liver turns the excess sugar into fat. This excess fat turns off the gene that produces protein, which the Estrogen and testosterone needs to function properly. If the estrogen and testosterone does not function properly as a result of lack of protein, it can lead to impotency.

c) Affect Blood Circulation: blood circulation is one of the most important things when it comes to healthy intimacy and potency in both male and female. Excessive sugar in the body affects blood circulation to the important areas, and this can lead to impotency.

d) Sugar Causes Yeast And Bacteria Infection: high blood sugar level leads to infections that can affect your potency. It can also least to a urinary tract infection, which of course can affect potency in men. Source opera mini




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