Gruesome murder of Olu Agodo: Arrest, investigate Owu chiefs now.—-Imo community calls on IG

The Imo community and her chiefs have advised the Nigeria Police to beam their searchlight beyond the assailants of their Slain Monarch but should also look for whoever is their sponsors.

They opined that the press statements was borne out of malice and some hidden reasons best known to them

Oba Odetola was appointed the Baale of Agodo in 2017 and got elevated and appointed as an oba by Ogun state Government in 2019

“As an opposing party, the owu chiefs did not complain or raise any objection to this appointment until he was brutally murdered. Why showing solidarity with murderers”, the council queried

“One wondered that no sooner that Oba Odetola was murdered, that the Owu council of chiefs came out with a statement discrediting the slain monarch.

The press statements was nothing but a distraction to prevent the security agencies to do thorough investigation into this murder case

Its an incontrovertible fact that the Agodo town was established by an Imo man and will ever remain an Imo homestead.

The murder of Oba Odetola cannot and will never pave way for any owu man or any other settlers to become an Oba in a Pure Egba settlement”.

The council of chiefs also added that ” The sudden discovery made by Owu chiefs immediately the monarch was killed that he was a land speculator and not an Oba as claimed raised suspicion about their culpability ”

“It is with a very sense of responsibility that we advise the Police to look beyond the assailants and also investigate their hidden sponsors, if any including the Owu chiefs

The murder was condemned by all including the state Government that even promised to do everything with the their power to bring the culprits to book, no matter how highly placed

While all well meaning people are condemning this gruesome murder and sent in their condolences, the Owu chiefs chose to dance naked in the market with their unexpected press statement issue on their behalf by one Akogun Owu”.

The chiefs concluded by pledging their support for the police to unravel mystery behind this murder.

It will be recalled that the Late Olu Agodo, Oba Odetola was brutally murdered in Agodo by yet to be identified killers in Agodo township




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