Peoples Democratic Party Presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar has blamed his refusal to visit Ogun state during his electionering campaign in 2019 on lack of unity in Ogun PDP.
Atiku revealed during his visit to the party delegates in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

According to him” during the last elections despite of the fact that the DG of my campaign was from Ogun. I did not come to ogun because the party was not United.

Atiku blamed leadership of the party in the state for “allowing external interference” of other south west State.

“You were allowing other people from the south west to interfare in your affairs. Ogun has provided leadership several times for the rest of Nigerians. I just cannot understand why you will allow others from other state to keep on manipulating the polity of Ogun PDP.

“Today I have come because I have realize that you have united yourselves. If you will stay united, you have the capacity to take over power in this state.

”There is nothing the APC has that you don’t have so I want to appeal to you to please sustain this unity and don’t allow anyone from other state to interfare in how you manage yourselves.

“The unity of this party is very important. I am pleading to you to unite. You are too politically sophisticated and advanced to be used by other people. Ogun state has I have said has provided political leadership either to the south west or to the entire Nigeria.

“As long as you allow this people to manipulate you, you will continue to lose elections and this is what they want. The only way you could better the lives of people in this state is for you to win electon. I am here as one of the contestants to appeal for your support. You know what I can do because I have done it before.

“I promise to unify this country and give sense of belonging to everybody. We have done it before in 1999. when we came in there was a lot of disunity and we formed a goverment of National unity and that gave us the calmness and the unity we needed to govern the country.”




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