By. Prince Mike Adewoye

Russia is a great country and with it’s military might, invades Ukraine especially from on air. The battle was slated to be completed within one week of invasion but three months after, the battle is far from being won. What must have being the reason for this massive failure? It is a well structured and well determined foot soldiers of the Ukraine.

Oyo Empire was one of the greatest empires around the West Africa sub-region in the 19th century; some writers are even of the opinion that it is comparable to the British Empire when it was at its peak.

From the early founding fathers who worked to develop the state, to the final corrupt over-ambitious leaders, who become a burden on the state and cause that land to fail. That was the fate of the Oyo Empire when it was at its greatest power; strength and glory but it was found crashed down on its own self, due to many internal contradictions and external influences.

Some great empires of old crashed and they were captured by the enemies. Hope we would not too soon forget how Ilorin fell into the hands of Fulanis and how the Hausas became slaves in their own land because of leaders without vision and who cannot see beyond their noses or because they lack knowledge.

Dear elders in our land, baba wa Bola Hammed Tinubu, Your Majesty, Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Chief Bode George, Pa Bisi Akande, Baba Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo, Chief Alani Akinrinade, all the Obas in this land, all governors present and past, the Afeniferes, the Agbekoyas, all religions leaders – daddy Kumuyi, daddy Adeboye et Al, our educationists and intellectual s Prof. Wole Soyinka et al and all elders known and unknown in Yoruba land along with all youths both at home and in diaspora, it is time for all of us to wake up and save our land.

It is time that we all put our differences either in religions, in politics, in power and authority apart and reason together. If the whole northern region fell into the hands of strangers, and their culture, their values, their religions, their rulership etc were all taken away from them, if we slumber and it happens here also, heavens will not forgive this generation for being careless when they were supposed to be proactive.

Yoruba land is under siege already. How did it get into this level? It was because some of us who are nothing, are the one that have been making the noise, and our voices were never heard or yielded to. Several open letters have been written to all western governors, to our vice president, Dr Yemi Osinbajo and many others; on the calamities that are drawing speedily closer, but our voices were never heard or heard but neglected or ignored.

If this calamity strike, no church, mosque or any political structure will stand – go and ask them at Ukraine as it is still ongoing.

We have made it known clearly that all the Okada riders and the beggars that are bombarding this land are not for economic search of those people but a terrible long range plan of the invasion of this land.

*The protest of the Okada riders at Alaba Rago after the proscription of their operations in 6 local government in Lagos last week, should send a clearer signal of the messages we have been preaching but have been falling in the deaf ears since the reign of governor Raji Fashola.* That population we saw is just a fraction of these people in Lagos alone.

1. How did these guys gathered in that place and no police was there to prevent them but if it is Yoruba youths, machine guns would have been waiting before their arrival?
2. How did the communication got to all these unlearned people before they assembled in one place?
3. Who led the call and invitation and with what kind of communication gadgets?
4. Who are the people buying these new machines for these people that cannot afford to rent a room for themselves?
5. After they have started working and making money, why have they not been renting houses for living? Why are they still sleeping on the streets?
6. How have they become so powerful that when you arrest any of them for an offense, it can’t take an hour before they are released?
7. Despite all the warnings being given by these people even through their released captives, why are we still lightly esteeming them?
8. As at today, which of the states in the western region has not been pre occupied and sorrunded by these people?
9. Is this the way you our daddies will be looking until the did is done?
10. Is not time that decisive actions be taken to rid this land of these unknown foot soldiers.

Let me tell us the truth, Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ekiti, Oshogbo, Oyo, Info, Akure won’t take days before been overtaken with the numbers of these foot soldiers that are already here, if their master just hand over just one AK47 to each of them. They are at all our entries and exits and they know all the nooks and crannies of every community than the son of the soil. Their search for rubbish, plastics, condemn irons, sewing clothes, shoes cobbling etc has opened all our lands to them. Our forest is already theirs as we have seen in the past few years.
Please, daddies, mummies, your majesties, your excellencies, daddy G.Os, present and past leaders, arise now and safe our land. Those riders, beggars, wonderers in menial jobs are all foot soldiers. They are like atomic bomb waiting to be detonated.

Horses and Spears were used by their master, Usmandan Fodio, Okada and AK 47 are the weapons in the present day soldiers.
Let there be emergency meeting of all stake holders in the sovereignty of this land.

*Agba gidi ko ni tan ni orile ede Yoruba l’oruko Jesu.*




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