By Ayomide Adeloye

As we mark and celebrate Eid-el-Kabir, may we keep in remembrance the true meaning of this holiday. More importantly, let us always strive to conduct our daily lives in accordance with the clear and beneficial message of this occasion. May I use this moment of gratitude to extend my sincere greetings to Muslims in Nigeria and around the world as well as to people of other creeds and faiths.

For His munificent blessings and abiding love for humankind and for assuring us that good shall always triumph over its opposite, we give utmost thanks and express profound gratitude to Almighty Allah SWT. Eid reminds us to place our faith in the compassion and wisdom of Allah and to be obedient to His instructions as demonstrated by Prophet Ibrahim. By his action, Prophet Ibrahim demonstrated true Islam and submission to Allah. Prophet Ibrahim understood that the ways and commands of Almighty Allah SWT are supremely more life giving and enlightening than the ways of man.

Thus, as we celebrate Eid, let us use this moment to rededicate ourselves to greater adherence to the spiritually-enriching commands of Almighty Allah SWT. We must show the true spirit of Islam in our lives and not just on these special holidays. The holidays are given to us not merely as special moments to celebrate, but as kind reminders to strive as we must to become the people and nation we are meant to be.

We face stiff challenges as a nation. Most troubling is the spate of violent attacks on innocent Nigerians. We must take a stand against terror and injustice. These evils lie forever outside our faith. Those who perpetuate such inhumanity do so in opposition to Islam and all that it means.

To be true Muslims is to adhere to the principles of peace, tolerance, justice, and charity. Our faith asks us to stand against those perpetrating evil and visiting untold misery on others. And we must remain forever obedient to the society




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