By Gbenga Ogedengbe

Going by the outcome of the last Ekiti governorship election, the political relegation of PDP in Ekiti State had caused the pundits, scholars of politics, public analysts, investigative journalists and news writers across the country to have their eyes on the PDP in the state.

PDP came 3rd behind SDP, a party who had entered political demorage since 1993. About how that happened, there are 3 schools of thought. Some believed that the leader of the party in the state, Mr Ayo Fayose has been paid to kill his party. The news report, not long ago,that Fayose would not want to support the presidential candidate of his party, had been adding credence to that. Some believe Fayose’s rejection of SegunOni in whom the people thought PDP could stand a better chance of winning, was due to Fayose’s penchant for personal vendetta. Some thought that Fayose’s action was purely informed by his desperate desire to have unrestricted access to the PDP campaign money, and funds that would be coming from the top for the purpose of vote buying.

Despite the fact that all these speculations enjoy good patronage among the people in the state, Ayo Fayose is not perturbed at all. like Mafia Lords and their doctrine of satanic focus, Fayose has not been showing any sign of remorse.

Fayose’s latest move of luring PDP to a killing ground is appearing to be more catastrophic than everything he had done ever. Thus, the party’s presidential candidate, Mr Atiku Abubakar, the National Chairman of PDP, Mr Iyorchia Ayu and the remaining members of the party’s national leadership, may need to intervene very quickly before the INEC deadline for candidates’ replacement or substitution is reached. If not, PDP may find it difficult to occupy the 5th position in the state, come 2023.

Ekiti South Senatorial District, the only senatorial district under the control of PDP is where Fayose has recently carried his wicked machinations, Ekiti South Federal Constituency 2, to be precise. Therein, Fayose had chosen Omuo community of the Ekiti East Local Government Area, as the new location for his weird political experiment.

Fayose had picked Mrs Biodun Olujimi from Omuo community as the party’s senatorial candidate, He has also returned to the same Omuo community to pick another woman, Lady Adenike Jenifer, as the house of representative candidate for the federal constituency. Thereby, leaving out a whole local government of Gbonyin with 9 communities dangerously empty.

Everyone is wondering about how on earth can Ekiti East get both the senatorial position and the house of representatives position in a federal constituency of 3 local government areas of Emure, Ekiti East and Gbonyin where Emure had already be given a deputy governorship slot while the whole Gbonyin, the home of Tunji Odeyemi has not gotten anything.

Very similar to what Fayose did in the case of SegunOni, Fayose’s choice of the unknown Lady Jenifer was to counter the popular choice of Rt. Hon Tunji Odeyemi whose clout, as a former acting governor, PDP can leverage on to secure good votes in that constituency next year.

Unlike Fayose’s beloved Lady Jenifer with barely 3months old experience in partisan politics, being an ex speaker in the state, Odeyemi can never be found wanting in the business of lawmaking at the national assembly.




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