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Nigerians Declare War on Terror: Defence HQ Unleashes ‘No Gree’ Movement for 2024

In a resolute stance against terrorism, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has fervently urged Nigerians to take a stand and actively prevent terrorists from gaining ground in the new year.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Thursday, Director of Defence Media Operations, Edward Buba, emphasized the importance of citizens being vigilant and promptly reporting any suspicious activities to security operatives.

Buba, using the trending slang ‘no gree for anybody,’ encouraged Nigerians to stay true to their beliefs and resist the influence of terrorists.

He reiterated the commitment of the military to swiftly act upon received information.

“Make Nigerians no gree for terrorists this year. You see something, you say something, and we assure them of doing something,” he emphasized in pidgin.

Contrary to this call for unity, the spokesman of the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, expressed concerns that the slang ‘no gree for anybody’ could potentially plunge the country into crisis.

However, Buba, undeterred, urged Nigerians to rise against terrorists, outlining the military’s primary goal for 2024—to locate and destroy terrorists wherever they may be hiding.

“The aim of our ongoing operations remains unchanged and clear even in the new year 2024. We aim to find and destroy the terrorists wherever they may be hiding to ensure their enduring defeat,” stated Buba.

He emphasized the military’s relentless pursuit of terrorist commanders and their senior leadership, asserting that they are “dead men walking.”

Providing updates on recent military operations, Buba reported significant successes, with 86 terrorists neutralized and 101 arrested in the last two weeks.

“Our operations resulted in 86 neutralized terrorists with 101 of them arrested. Troops also arrested 30 perpetrators of oil theft and rescued 21 kidnapped hostages.

“In the SS, troops denied oil theft of the estimated sum of N736,115,470.00 only,” he added

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